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When planning a wedding, choosing your color themes is one of the earliest decisions to set the overall mood and vibe of this special day. Your wedding colors will help guide just about all your upcoming decisions, from flowers and textiles to designing the wedding cake.  

Every season has a unique palette of colors that couples can customize to express their own personality and style. Whether you’re planning your wedding for a joyful spring, lively summer, cozy fall, or enchanting winter, there’s a wide range of color options to make your wedding memorable. 

Color Themes for Spring Weddings

There’s no shortage of beautiful colors to choose from when planning a spring wedding, from pastel shades to brighter, more cheerful tones. This season is symbolic of renewal and new beginnings, so it’s perfect for couples celebrating their new life together.   

March Wedding Colors

Popular color themes for weddings in March, when the air is still crisp but signs of life are re-emerging, include soft pastels like delicate shades of lavender, mint, and peach are traditional for early spring weddings.  

Other unique and beautiful colors include dusty blue and pale yellow. 

April Wedding Colors

In April, spring is in full bloom and weddings get more colorful. You can incorporate:   

  • Rose pink and lavender: Blending an extremely romantic shade with subtle sophistication.
  • Earthy neutrals: Tans, beiges, and creams can be the perfect base to pair with vibrant spring colors.

Also, richer shades of emerald or forest green, inspired by the season, can create a beautiful color scheme.

May Wedding Colors

May is the bridge between spring and summer, which invites a plethora of color options for couples tying the knot, such as flower shades like tulip red and shades of lilac. You can also incorporate beautiful greens and blues for a timeless combination. 

Color Themes for Summer Weddings

Summer is the peak wedding season, with many couples wanting to have great weather and radiant sunsets as part of their special day. Summer colors can be lively but also very versatile, ranging from fun and energetic to elegant and relaxed.   

June Wedding Colors

June is a month of full sunlight, warm breezes, and colorful outdoor weddings, so coral and teal offer a vibrant combination with a tropical flair. Sunset colors are also an option, like oranges, reds, and pinks.  

July Wedding Colors

In the heart of summer, the most popular wedding color combinations are vibrant and inviting. Fuchsia and orange are inspired by exotic flowers and perfect for a lively celebration. Also, shades of blue and bright white offer beachy, relaxed vibes for a more laid-back wedding.

August Wedding Colors

New Jersey summers are still in full swing all August long, with wedding colors remaining upbeat and romantic. Perfect colors can include mint green and coral, or sunflower yellow and a soothing green.  

Color Themes for Fall Weddings

Getting married in the fall has a special charm, reflecting the beauty of the changing seasons. Couples planning a fall wedding can get inspired by a palette of rich, warm tones, coziness, and a vibrant atmosphere.   

September Wedding Colors

September weddings enjoy both the lingering warmth of summer and the beginning of crisp fall weather, such as:

  • Burgundy and rose pink: Deep, rich burgundy combined with delicate pinks is a classic theme for fall weddings.
  • Rust orange and olive green: These warm colors are synonymous with early fall.   

Navy and gold also offer an elegant and timeless pairing for a sophisticated September celebration.

October Wedding Colors

October immerses weddings fully into the autumn vibe, especially the beautiful foliage. Chocolate brown and cream create a warm, comforting, earthy atmosphere perfect for a cozy evening wedding.

Also, plum and mustard yellow are deep, grounding autumn colors that look stunning together. 

November Wedding Colors

Couples choosing to hold their wedding in November can enjoy the intimacy and coziness of late fall and early winter. Mixed metallics like gold, silver, and copper can add an amazingly festive and luxurious touch.

Color Themes for Winter Weddings

Wintertime weddings have their own unique magic. Couples choosing to tie the knot in winter can create an enchanting ambiance by using frosty colors, deep jewel tones, and everything in between.   

December Wedding Colors

Weddings in December are intertwined with the sparkle of the holiday season:

  • Ice blue and silver: A classic combination for embracing the beauty of a winter wonderland.
  • Red and green: For couples who want a holiday-themed wedding, these traditional colors create a festive and cheerful atmosphere.

Emerald and gold also offer a luxurious color theme that looks amazing in photos.

January Wedding Colors 

As the first month of the new year, January offers a fresh start and a  serene, snowy background for weddings. Dusty rose and charcoal showcase a romantic shade paired with a bold, dark color for a visually striking winter color palette. Also, baby blue and lavender create soft, dreamy tones for a romantic January wedding. 

February Wedding Colors 

Many couples choose to get married on or around Valentine’s Day, but February weddings can be romantic all month long. Shades of red, rose gold, and cream provide a sweet, sophisticated touch to any wedding. 

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