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Spring blooms with romance every year with its livening of nature, with trees covered in vibrant green buds and colorful flowers filling the landscape. With the environment buzzing with life and Easter egg hunts, you don’t have to search for inspiration– it’s all around you! When deciding on what color scheme works best for your spring wedding, consider some of these ten springtime themes to bring your wedding day out of the winter doldrums.

Sunny Day

Tulip Yellow and Faded Gray with Alabaster Landscapes

When trying to pull out of the stark winter landscape, sunshine seems to awaken things quickly. Use of soft tulip yellow decor pops against a quiet scene of faded grays and alabaster can give the illusion of daybreak at the beginning of spring. Consider having your bridal party dressed in gray dresses to help the more sunny colors show more vibrantly.

Femininity and Grace

Light Pink and Vibrant Purple with Neutral White Backgrounds

Spring brings some of nature’s most inspirational creations: blossoms. To bring out a more feminine feel to your big day during spring, consider using light pink tones and bold purples for your color scheme. Use your bridal party as the backdrop for your ceremony by making them appear elegant and graceful in soft pink gowns. You can avoid things looking too honeyed by using your colors sparingly on table tops and floral decorations with a white backdrop.

Minty Fresh

Cool Green and Salmon Accents

Using a minty green hue and salmon accents brings a classic yet cheerful atmosphere to any springtime wedding. This color scheme is also popular with bridal parties because it compliments most skin tones. Sprinkle salmon-toned bouquets around your event area for the perfect backdrop!

Rustic Wedding

Dark Blue, Cornflower Hues and Natural Green Atmospheres

Rustic weddings don’t have to be covered entirely in wood, hay bales, and mason jars! Turn your spring wedding color scheme up a notch by using navy blue and cornflower blue palettes with natural green accents to brighten the environment. You can enhance the overall atmosphere of your big day by keeping things simplified with calico fabric accessories and sunflowers. Consider using reclaimed furniture to add the final touch to your rustic ceremony.

Life’s a Peach

Peach Tones and Soft Yellow Accents

For those who don’t find spring pastels attractive, using neutral peach colors and soft yellows will still give off a seasonal feel. This palette is a great option for those who don’t like overly bold decor or clothing but want simple elegance instead. Think of peaches and cream when decorating your tables and event areas for the after party. Peach blossoms and other light yellow flowers will set the tone perfectly.

Lavender Fields

Fragrant Lavender with Pastel Green Details

Bring your guests to the famous lavender fields of France during springtime with a color palette of lavender and green mint pastels. Your bridesmaids will adore wearing lavender hued frocks with a picturesque background of colorful spring blooms and decorative mint-tinged glassware. Consider adding lavender flowers to your wedding party’s accessories to complete the look.

Sugary Sweet

Soft Pink, Off-White and Sprinkles of Metallic Accents

While not for everyone, a spring wedding filled with sweetness is the perfect color scheme for their wedding day. An event day covered in pale pink and off-white makes for an atmosphere emphasizing the kindness of the bride and her feminine nature. Adding splashes of metallic silver around table decorations, or using metallic floral vases filled with matching peonies for a touch of allure, gives this scheme the complete sweet look. Use sweets or a dessert bar to add a sugar touch for your guests!  

Elegant Cherry Blossoms

Radiant Pinks and Greens with Dark Woodsy Features

Every spring, millions of people flock to Japan to watch the yearly blooming of their cherry blossom trees. Make your event memorable by mimicking their color scheme. Use radiant pinks, vibrant greens, and dark wood-toned accents. Use branches of cherry blossoms surrounded by buds and leaves as part of tabletop centerpieces. Dress your bridal party in washed out pink hues and simple fashioned dresses. Follow this theme with the dessert menu to capture the elegance of a cherry blossom themed wedding.  

Outdoor Tea Party

Dark and Pale Blues with Ivory Compliments

Spring means more outdoor get-togethers with friends and families. Following an outdoor tea party theme is a great way to make use of this season’s weather and create a fun color scheme for your event. Using a bright ivory background, set dark and light blues against it to create a contrast that pops. Use clean white flower options with dashes of navy for your tabletop decor, as well as blue and white styled china to set the tea party theme.

Nature’s Embrace

Natural White, Olympus Gray and Sage Greens

Maybe you prefer the earthiness of springtime to its blossoming flowers and sunshine. Not to worry, there is a color scheme to suit you! Using a palette of natural whites and earth tone grays, you can work in muted green hues to bring out mother nature’s atmosphere on your big day. Consider using a pale gray tone with lacework for your bridal party to add femininity and grace to your wedding’s overall appearance. Use gray elsewhere as accents on your tables, but consider using a lot more greenery than white blooms when creating your floral arrangements to keep the more natural earth scheme.

Windows on the Water Color Scheme Planning    

At Windows on the Water at Frogbridge, we provide couples with more than just a breathtaking venue with delectable cuisine and outstanding service. We bring a senior team of planners to assist you in creating your perfect wedding environment. Spring weddings and color scheme details are just a couple of the services we offer our clients. We want your day to go exactly as you desire and do everything possible to make it perfect.

Working with our team to make your wedding day one to remember forever eases the stress of planning and gives you time to enjoy this special time with your loved ones. From seating arrangements to color scheme layout, we can assist you in creating a springtime atmosphere you and your guests will cherish for years to come. Contact us today at (609) 795-5852 to receive our Windows Wedding Packet that contains menus, pricing, photos and additional amenities and services which are available.