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Summer is considered to be the peak wedding season, with thousands of weddings taking place around the United States every week during the months of May through August. From the longer days to the balmy weather, summer is perfect for an incredible wedding. Plus, summer is often known as the season of fun, making it ideal for a big celebration with family and friends.

If you’re embarking on your wedding planning journey and trying to pick the perfect time of the year, you have a lot to consider. These benefits of having a summer wedding might convince you to make your final decision.

Benefits of Having a Summer Wedding

Some of the most notable benefits of having a summer wedding include: 

The Weather Is More Likely to Cooperate

Summer is widely considered to be the best time of year to have a wedding, especially if any part of your wedding ceremony or reception is taking place outdoors. The most obvious benefit of having a wedding in the summer is the fact that the weather tends to be better. If you’re having an outdoor wedding or even planning on having outdoor photos taken, you should seriously consider hosting your wedding during the summer. When you don’t have to worry about an unpredictable forecast, you can focus more on planning the rest of the ceremony and reception.

Guests Tend to Have More Flexibility

Whether you are planning a small, intimate wedding for family and close friends or a large blowout for hundreds of people, you probably want everyone on your guest list to be able to be present. There’s nothing more special than sharing your wedding with those you love and care about. When you host your wedding in summer, you can probably count on more of your guests being able to attend.

Summer is traditionally the time when many people take vacations. If your guests know about your wedding ahead of time, they’ll be able to plan their vacation time around your ceremony so that they can be present for your special day. Additionally, those with children won’t have to worry about pulling their children out of school, since summer break will be in effect. Another benefit of this is that your guests might be more likely to RSVP quickly, allowing you to finalize your plans on schedule and without stress.

More Hours of Sunlight

One of the best things about hosting a summer wedding is that you will get more hours of daylight. It gets dark much later in the summer, giving you more time for mixing and mingling with your guests after the ceremony itself. This also gives you more time for your photo opportunities. Also, for weddings that extend late into the evening, you won’t have to worry about providing extra jackets or coats for your guests, since the warmth of summer days will extend into the night, providing a balmy atmosphere for dancing and revelry.

You Can Host an Incredible Outdoor Wedding

Nothing is more beautiful than an outdoor wedding. With weddings held in the summer, you’ll get to enjoy everything that an outdoor venue has to offer, from creative photo ops to water features and food trucks. While most venues, including Windows on the Water, have options for tenting in case a pop-up rain shower does occur, these open-air venues are perfect for relaxation. Guests will feel free to wander around the property after the ceremony, preparing for the reception and party that is yet to come.

Plan Your Perfect Summer Wedding at Windows on the Water

Summer weddings have a host of benefits for couples and guests alike. From the warm, reliable weather to the range of options for outdoor entertainment, planning your wedding in the summer means that you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your wedding and less time rushing to finalize the details or worrying about your guests’ comfort. When you’re looking to plan the perfect outdoor wedding, look to Windows on the Water. 

Whether you want to plan a serene lakeside ceremony or an extravagant wedding with multiple tents, Windows on the Water has what you need. Discover captivating lake views and spacious green grounds, all of which provide the perfect backdrop to your special day. Plus, our venue can be customized to suit any theme or vision. To learn more about our outdoor wedding venue in New Jersey, contact us online or by phone at (609) 208-9475.