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A warm summer breeze and beautiful lakeside views are just a couple of reasons you may be looking to plan an outdoor summer wedding ceremony. With the month of June alone accounting for 13% of weddings throughout the year, it is no secret that summer weddings are popular amongst soon-to-be-married couples. The ambiance of a bright summer wedding is a classic and elegant favorite, primarily when held at a stunning outdoor ceremony like Windows on the Water at Frogbridge.

Planning a wedding means lots of lists and a balancing act of all the elements of your big day coming together perfectly. To help you on your journey to planning the perfect wedding, we have provided a list of the top six outdoor summer wedding dos and don’ts to ensure your ceremony is one to remember for you and your guests.

What Are the Dos to Planning an Outdoor Summer Wedding?

Wedding planning can be complex, but it should be fun! This is the day you have been waiting for your whole life, so take it in, break out your checklist, and let’s get into the dos of planning an outdoor summer wedding ceremony!

Provide Relief from the Summer Heat

The summer months can be hot, and nothing is worse than sitting through a long ceremony with no relief from the heat. Some ideas for heat relief during your outdoor ceremony include the following:

  • Give out small hand-held fans as wedding favors
  • Provide your guests with ice-cold hand towels
  • Supply chilled bottled water to guests

Aside from just providing heat relief to your guests, make sure to have these options available to your vendors as well.

Have a Plan B

The weather in New Jersey during the summer months can be unpredictable. Placing your bets entirely on perfect weather could cause a disastrous ceremony. Be sure to check if your venue offers a covered area where you and your guests can shelter if weather interferes with your outdoor ceremony space.

Make Sure Your Attire Is Breathable and Cool

An outdoor summer wedding is not the best time to choose the long sleeve, heavy ball gown to wear down the aisle. It is also not the best choice to wear a heavy tux. Be sure to choose attire with light and breathable fabrics to ensure you look your best and feel comfortable on your big day!

What Are the Don’ts to Planning an Outdoor Summer Wedding?

You deserve the wedding day of your dreams, so the next few items are things to avoid when going over the details of your big day.

Don’t Skimp on Hiring a Photographer

With summer nature in full bloom, your outdoor summer wedding is sure to be a beautiful event.  If there is anything worth splurging on, it is your wedding photographer. You will want someone who has experience with outdoor photography to ensure the highest quality of photos to keep as memories from your ceremony.

Don’t Forget to Send Save-the-Dates in Advance

Summer is a popular month for travel, meaning many of your guests may be planning summer vacations around the time of your wedding. If you want to make sure that most of your invited guests can attend, then sending save-the-dates early is key to having all of your loved ones together!

Don’t Forget Sun and Bug Protection

If you and your guests will be in direct sunlight for the entire ceremony, sun protection is essential! Providing sunscreen is one way to ensure none of your guests leave with sunburns. Summer also brings pesky insects like mosquitoes, so providing some bug spray or citronella candles is always a good idea for outdoor ceremonies.

New Jersey Wedding Venue is Perfect for an Outdoor Summer Wedding

Having an outdoor summer wedding ceremony will provide you with beautiful, lasting memories of your big day. While the above dos and don’ts will help with your planning, another crucial piece of the wedding puzzle is finding the perfect venue. Windows on the Water at Frogbridge has a stunning lakeside ceremony space perfect for you and your partner to say, “I do.” Contact us by clicking here or calling us at (609) 208-9475 to begin planning your perfect wedding today!