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Special Events Venue in Millstone, New Jersey

A Brief Summary of the Following Article


  • Windows on the Water is a top special events venue in Millstone, NJ, featuring a picturesque lakeside ceremony space and reception area, ideal for various special events including weddings, with a focus on providing the perfect backdrop for photos.
  • The venue offers affordable event packages that include a ceremony and reception space, catering, and access to pre-approved vendors, simplifying the planning process and ensuring a seamless and stress-free event organization.
  • Apart from weddings, Windows on the Water hosts a range of other significant events such as bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, baptisms, and sweet 16s, catering to diverse celebratory needs with its versatile facility.
  • The venue boasts resort amenities like heated pools, zip-line, mini-golf, and more, alongside exceptional in-house catering with customizable menus, ensuring an unforgettable experience for guests. Booking early is recommended due to high demand for popular event dates.

Our Packages Make Your Events Affordable in Millstone, NJ

As the special day approaches, bringing everything together for a flawless event to remember is complex. You need a location, catering, and other vendor services to come together just right. At Windows on the Water, make it much easier and more affordable by offering event packages. 

Each package combines the services that you need to get an event off the ground. These include:

  • A beautiful ceremony venue and reception space
  • Catering for your party
  • Access to other vendor services from our list of pre-approved vendors

Your special event is much easier to plan with the basics out of the way. If you need to plan a wedding, we have even more to offer in our wedding packages to take the stress out of planning a special event. If you need even more help, just let us know. We help plan events and can help work out all of the details.

Weddings, Sweet 16s, and Other Special Events in Millstone, NJ

Weddings are a special event that we specialize in, but we host far more than just weddings. Our venue is perfect for special events for any of the big moments in your life. 

Is your child ready to be an adult? We also host bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, baptisms, sweet 16s, and other religious events all the time. Our facility is open to anyone who wants a perfect backdrop for their special events. 

What Are Our Resort Amenities?

While our wedding and party venue is a great place to start, our beautiful event space has a lot of other amenities that you can enjoy. Your special event can have access to the entire resort and enjoy the amenities while you celebrate into the night. Some of the amenity options include:

  • Heated outdoor pools
  • Zip-line
  • Bungee and trampoline
  • Driving range
  • Sports fields
  • Water slides
  • Mini-golf

If you want even more, combine a nice tent reception area with the entire resort to give your guests the best experience. With so much to do and a fun special occasion to gather for, it will be a special event that they treasure forever. Contact our Millstone special events venue to get started with planning your event. 

We Have Catering Beyond Compare

Windows on the Water also covers catering for special events. We have an in-house catering team that excels at turning a simple menu into a feast fit for a king. You’ll be shocked when you see how creative they can be with decorative food options and how great everything tastes. 

Our caterers can also do menu customizations, including accommodations for allergies and religious requirements. The head chef running our catering operations has decades of experience in kitchens making cuisine from around the world. Anything that you are looking for on the menu, let us know. We work with clients to find the right menu options and ensure that everything we serve exceeds your quality expectations. 

Book With Windows on the Water Today

The world is full of people looking to celebrate the important parts of life. Bringing friends and family together for a few special moments is what life is all about. Make those moments special with a celebration to remember. That celebration starts with scheduling your event at Windows on the Water

Our special events venue in Millstone is here to help make your best days even better by making them easier to plan and providing all of the support that you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to begin planning your event. That includes picking a date, which is the first thing that you should do. Special events are often held around the same time each year, and that means availability can close up quickly. Make that first call to Windows on the Water to lock down the perfect day for your special event. Contact Windows on the Water by calling (609) 208-9475 or using our contact form, and let us help you make all of your special days the beautiful memories that you always envisioned they would be.