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Wedding Venue in Millstone, New Jersey

A Brief Summary of the Following Article


  • Windows on the Water in Millstone, New Jersey, is a popular wedding venue known for its beautiful location and quality service, hosting numerous weddings and events annually, with tours available for prospective brides.
  • The wedding venue in Millstone, NJ offers a stunning waterfront setting for ceremonies and receptions, with options for both indoor and outdoor celebrations, including an elegant reception room with panoramic water views and a picturesque outdoor wedding tent.
  • Windows on the Water provides an experienced event staff to assist with customized wedding planning, offering personalized packages and attention to detail to ensure a seamless and unique wedding experience for each couple.
  • The venue boasts established relationships with local vendors, offering referrals and special packages, and features in-house catering with memorable, high-quality menu options, enhancing the overall wedding experience for couples and their guests.

Wedding Venue in Millstone, NJ 

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue in Millstone, New Jersey, check out Windows on the Water. We host hundreds of weddings and other special events each year. Our beautiful location, quality service, and expertise make us the go-to choice for local brides. 

As you begin to plan the wedding of your dreams, start by taking a tour of Windows on the Water to see if it’s a good fit for you. Contact Windows on the Water to schedule a tour of our gorgeous grounds. We will also be sure to answer any questions you may have.

Our Picturesque Waterfront Wedding Venue in Millstone, NJ

Windows on the Water makes it possible to have a beautiful waterfront wedding right here in Millstone, New Jersey. Many brides opt to have their ceremonies looking out over the water, which makes for the most stunning ceremony photos. You can also use the water as a beautiful backdrop for bridal party pictures or romantic shots of just the couple. The ability to take lots of photos in a beautiful place is one of the reasons why brides and their photographers love to have weddings at Windows on the Water.

Windows on the Water also offers a variety of options for wedding receptions. You can choose to have a reception in our elegant reception room, which offers almost panoramic views of the water. There is also a stunning outdoor wedding tent available for receptions, where you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Contact our wedding venue in Millstone today to get started with your wedding planning. 

We Provide Experienced Staff For Your Big Day

The experienced event staff at Windows on the Water is dedicated to making your wedding day as perfect as possible. We will work with you to create a customized wedding package that fits your vision and budget. From the initial planning stages to the day of coordination, our staff will ensure that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly.

We understand that every couple has their own unique style and preferences, so we are committed to creating a personalized experience that reflects your individuality. Whether you dream of a grand, glamorous event or an intimate, romantic affair, our team will work tirelessly to bring your vision to life. We can help with everything from selecting the perfect linens and decor to organizing special entertainment and transportation for you and your guests. With our attention to detail and dedication to outstanding service, you can relax and enjoy your wedding day knowing that everything is being taken care of by our experienced and professional team.

We Have Established Vendor Relationships

Windows on the Water is grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing local vendors that offer high-quality wedding services to the Millstone area. From the best photographers and cake decorators to the most engaging DJs and live bands, we have established vendor relationships with a significant number of wedding-related businesses in the area. This means that we are able to refer you to vendors, and some vendors offer weddings hosted at Windows on the Water special packages or rates.

Whether you’re in need of floral arrangements, hair and makeup services, or transportation for your big day, we have connections to a wide variety of vendors that can meet your needs. We are dedicated to providing you with the best recommendations for your wedding, and we are confident that our vendor partnerships can help make your dream wedding a reality. When you choose Windows on the Water as your wedding venue in Millstone, you gain access to a network of reliable and talented vendors that can help bring your vision to life.

Don’t Worry About the Menu With Our In-House Catering

Windows on the Water has its own in-house catering kitchen. We are able to serve delicious, elevated, and Instagram-worthy plates that your guests will remember and love. After all, the taste and quality of the food are among the most important aspects of the wedding, especially for your guests. 

Imagine having a wedding that guests fondly remember the food of several years later. You can expect that kind of wedding food from Windows on the Water.

Schedule a Tour at Our Millstone Wedding Venue Today

When it comes to finding the right Millstone wedding venue, it is important to see it for yourself. Much like finding the perfect wedding dress, there’s a feeling that you get when you visit your venue. While we encourage you to review all of the testimonials and reviews, videos, and photos of Windows on the Water, it really is best to schedule a tour. 

Contact Windows on the Water by calling (609) 208-9475 or using our contact form. We are here to answer any questions that you might have about our venue and to help you plan your wedding.