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Leaves falling, crisp smelling air, color everywhere — fall is one of the best times of the year for a wedding! When planning a fall wedding, there are various factors to consider and, with just the right touches, you can create an event your guests will never forget! If you’re in the midst of deciding on the details of your fall wedding, check out these tips for a few fresh ideas! 

Top Venue Ideas for a Fall Wedding 

The venue you choose sets the scene for your wedding. The ambiance of the ceremony site and the details of the location for dinner all factor into the big picture of your day. To keep with a fall theme, choose a wedding venue with these features: 

  • Access to outdoor space 
  • Views of fall foliage 
  • Options for indoor/outdoor seating  

 By choosing a wedding venue with these features you will be able to put the beauty of fall on display for all your guests to see! 

Best Fall Wedding Decorations 

Autumn is the ideal season for a wedding because instead of having to buy an abundance of decorations, Mother Nature does the decorating for you! Many couples who choose dates in September-November for their weddings choose to use rustic decor to enhance the natural beauty surrounding their venue. Colors like red, orange, sage green, burgundy, gold, and ivory are ideal for fall weddings. Other ideas for autumn wedding decorations include: 

  • Pumpkins 
  • Fall floral arrangements 
  • Wood serving platters and signs 
  • Lanterns and candles 

The key to fall wedding decor is to keep it simple. In this season, less is truly more. Bring in simple decor that highlights natural elements and the day will be a dream. 

Delicious Fall Themed Cuisine 

Food is the highlight of a wedding for many guests. For that reason, choosing delicious, on-theme food is a way for couples to take their big day to the next level. In the fall months, warm plates and hearty main dishes are the way to go. Recommended appetizers include charcuterie boards, cheese plates, and flatbreads. Some of the best entrees are pot roast, roasted chicken, and barbeque. And for dessert, the most important course, couples who choose spice cakes, pumpkin-based desserts, or filling cheesecakes really hit it off big. No matter what food it is that couples choose, the perfect cuisine leaves wedding guests with warm hearts and full bellies.   

Plan Your Fall New Jersey Wedding at Windows on the Water 

At Windows on the Water, we specialize in planning the perfect wedding – no matter the season. With a rustic walking trail, beautiful tree line views, and a tranquil pond, our premier venue is perfect for the fall season. Our team of senior wedding planners goes above and beyond for every couple to ensure their day is exactly as they have envisioned it down to the last detail.  

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