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Picking out the right colors for your wedding is one of the most important elements. The right color palette helps set the tone, determines your bridal party’s color scheme, and shows off the personality of you and your partner. Your color palette is the big player when it comes to planning a wedding. Picking your color scheme early on can even help you determine the best venue to go with your colors and aesthetic. 

6 Mistakes Made When Selecting Wedding Colors

Thinking about how much impact a color palette has on your wedding can make coming to a conclusion feel overwhelming. Not all of us took a color theory class and are professional color palette makers. Choosing a color palette doesn’t need to be stressful. Below are common mistakes made when picking wedding colors and how to avoid them.

1. Using Too Many Colors

Many colors are beautiful, and it can be hard just to pick a few colors that go well together. Sticking to two or four colors and using them throughout your wedding decor helps create a cohesive flow, so even the smallest detail looks like it belongs. Narrowing your palette to a few colors also keeps elements like centerpieces and even cutlery looking like they belong together. Adding a slight variation of the same color and introducing different hues can add depth to your wedding color scheme.

2. Limiting Yourself to Only Two Distinct Colors

The general rule of thumb used to be to pick two distinct colors for the wedding. Many gorgeous weddings have a variety of colors, sometimes up to five colors, that work well together. The key to using multiple colors is to use more than one neutral, like cream and brown, in your color palette or to use multiple shades of the same general color to create a tonal scheme. 

3. Choosing Trendy Colors for the Trend

It’s easy to get carried away with the ideas posted on Pinterest and Instagram, but just because these ideas are working for others doesn’t make them the right fit for you. Your wedding colors should naturally fit into your aesthetic and your dream wedding. 

4. Overdoing the Hues

Having two dominant colors in the palette doesn’t mean you should use them equally. Before deciding what hue takes center stage, you need to consider lighting. Your colors should be complementary to the decor, not distracting. The resulting contrast lets your favorite color shine. The key is in the balance.

5. Ignoring Textures

Colors may go together but may not look right when side by side if they’re different textures. Mixing textures in the same hue adds more drama and depth to a wedding scheme, so it’s important to keep an eye on textures when picking colors.

6. Not Considering the Venue Colors

When you’re venue hunting, it helps to have a color scheme in mind because you’re looking to make sure every detail works with your aesthetic. From the wall paint, art, and even the floor, these details will either go with your colors or completely clash. You don’t need to choose a venue where your wedding colors perfectly match the floors, but the venue’s decor can be a perfect guide when picking out tones and hues. 

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