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The start of a new year also brings exciting wedding ideas and color themes for brides to choose from! The spring season blooms different flowers and colors and brings warmth from the sun. How does a bride pick out spring wedding colors with so many new ideas and color options to choose from? At Windows on the Water, our beautiful outdoor wedding venue compliments many attractive color schemes that will make your special day. Below is some insightful information about picking out spring wedding colors this year.

What to Look For in a Wedding Color Theme

When picking out colors for your wedding, you should consider the time of year it is taking place. For spring weddings, lighter colors are perfect because they reflect the season’s blooms. If you decide to have a themed wedding, the color palette can reflect the theme you are going for and the decor you choose.

A wedding should have a color story because it helps unify the big day’s theme and decor. It also provides a cohesive look for all of your wedding photos. Generally, couples select 3-4 colors for the wedding palette, and you can use different shades of color to add variety to your theme. This will give you enough room to use decor throughout your wedding without overwhelming guests with too much color variance.

Choose a Venue That Compliments Your Color Story

You may be surprised to hear that the wedding venue you choose affects your wedding colors and your photographs of the big day. An event planner might suggest different color palettes and ideas according to an indoor or outdoor wedding and the time of the event. The lighting and environment of the wedding add to the experience, so you should consider it.

Outdoor weddings have the natural advantage of great lighting as outdoor ceremonies can be during the golden hours, either early morning or evening, for lovely pictures with a warm glow. Indoor weddings offer more control over the lighting situations, but they often lack that natural and romantic feeling that an outdoor wedding can provide. Our intimate wedding venue at Windows on the Water is notoriously known for the beautiful outdoor scenery in wedding ceremonies.

When choosing your wedding colors, color hues and brightness are essential in capturing the best pictures for both morning and evening sessions, especially if your event starts during the day and ends later in the evening.

Popular Wedding Colors for Spring Time

When it comes to picking out wedding colors, there are many options to choose from. However, some colors are more popular for spring weddings than others. Here are some of the best colors for a spring wedding in 2022:

  • Pastel Colors: Soft shades like pink, lavender, and light blue can give your wedding a dreamy feel. These colors are popular because they reflect the season’s blooms.
  • Bright Colors: Brides who want to add a pop of color to their wedding can choose brighter shades like orange, yellow, or green. These colors can be used in accents or as a theme for bridesmaid dresses.
  • Lavenders and Mints: These colors are similar to soft pastels, but they have a little more vibrancy for those who want a pretty color without it being too distracting or bold.
  • Blushes and Nudes: Some brides choose blush or nude as wedding colors because they match everything. These colors may seem plain or straightforward, but they give off a clean and beautiful look to compliment the wedding.
  • Blue or Teal: Brides that like blue shades can choose light blue, dark blue, or aquamarine for their wedding. Blue or teal is a great option because it looks excellent in photos during the day and evening.

Don’t feel limited by these color choices. If you have a specific color in mind, a wedding planner can help you come up with combinations involving that color to work for a spring wedding.

Questions to Consider with Your Wedding Planner

When planning a wedding, brides have many ideas and questions for their big day. The best thing is to brainstorm your ideas and discuss them with a wedding planner. The best way to envision your big day is by coordinating all the pieces with professional help. Here are some questions for brainstorming wedding colors and ideas:

  • What are some common color combinations for weddings?
  • How do I pick a color palette that will look good in photos?
  • What color do I want my flowers and decor to be?
  • If I don’t have a specific color in mind, what kind of decor do I like?
  • Where can I see color palette options for my type of wedding?
  • Will my decor and the venue complement the wedding colors?

Picking a color palette can be stressful if you’re afraid you may change your mind. That’s why brainstorming and looking through some past successful color palettes from weddings can help your dream day come alive. Communicating with your planner is a great way to pick out the best wedding colors.

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