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Among the many decisions about your wedding that you’re likely to spend considerable time researching is the location. While the bride will spend countless hours searching for a gorgeous gown, planning the menu, or thinking about what kind of music to play, the venue may be the most crucial decision of all. You want a beautiful location, but also one where that’s also very functional for meeting the needs of your guests.

Many couples may start out thinking about price, but there are certainly other considerations. Since this is definitely one of the biggest decisions you’ll make during the planning process, if you’re not entirely sure what else to be looking for, here are some tips on what else to look for.

What Should You Want in the Perfect Reception Venue?

There are several attributes that go into securing the ideal reception venue, and you’ll need to decide which ones are most important. Take a moment to figure out a few things, including:

  • How big your wedding reception will be
  • How many guests you hope to invite
  • What you’re looking for when it comes to entertainment

That’s going to give you a better sense of what kind of location you want, because you certainly want it to be roomy enough to fit all your guests and allow them to move around without feeling too crowded. Whatever location you select, you need to ensure there’s enough room to accommodate everyone who shows up, while also letting you add in:

  • Tables and seating
  • A Buffet
  • A Bar
  • A stage for the band or DJ
  • A dance floor

You want to make sure your guests can do everything — drink, dine, dance, and mingle without struggling for elbow room or feeling cramped. 

A Gorgeous Location for Your Wedding Venue

Having a beautiful building for your ceremony is ideal, but it’s even better if it’s in a gorgeous location where your guests can wander outside and check out the area. That’s why many couples look for venues in locations like parks or beaches. The bride and groom can step away and have a private moment to themselves if needed, and it allows guests to step outside the banquet hall and enjoy the outdoors.

Having a spectacular backdrop is an added bonus for your guests, especially if they can see the beauty of the area from the windows at your venue. 

Other factors you want to consider include:

  • A venue with good acoustics for your band
  • Ample parking for your guests
  • Functionality, including the right number of bathrooms

Why is Windows on the Water the Ideal Venue for Your Wedding?

Windows on the Water is a popular venue because it’s situated in the rolling hills and babbling creeks of Millstone Township in Central Jersey. Holding your wedding there allows you to take advantage of more than 4,000 square feet of usable space, which includes the double-tiered deck overlooking the lake. Your guests will love heading outside to get a view of the lake and to pose for photos there.

Windows on the Water has an experienced team that can help ensure that everything on your wedding day is customized in just the way you’ve dreamed it would be. Their wedding team will provide the best service to ensure your day is perfectly planned, from creating the menu for a delicious dinner menu to picking eye-popping decorations.

At Windows on the Water, you can customize your intimate wedding with any of these popular features:

  •     Unique seasonal dining menus
  •     Hand-crafted ice sculptures
  •     Endless seating options
  •     Multiple ceremony sites

The team at Windows on the Water partners with a variety of first-class vendors to make a difference on your wedding day. Among the features they offer are:

  •     Event management
  •     Valet parking
  •     Themed decor
  •     Unique furniture
  •     Uplighting

Enjoy Your Wedding With Windows on the Water

At Windows on the Water, we’re delighted to host your upcoming wedding. We know that your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions related to your wedding and your married life. We strive to make your day unique because you deserve the wedding of your dreams. 

Come visit us to see what makes our location one of the most popular wedding venues in Central Jersey. As you tour the breathtaking grounds, you’ll see why so many brides and grooms choose us as the backdrop of their declaration of love. 

Start planning your Central Jersey wedding by contacting us today at 609-208-9475 or online for our Windows Wedding Packet that includes menus, event pricing and everything in between.