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 If it seems like spring isn’t quite as popular a time to get married as summer or fall, you might be surprised to know how many advantages that are to holding your nuptials off-season. And it’s not just the lack of competition for the best venues and vendors, or the savings on prices. Spring is a gorgeous time of year, and a spring wedding gives you the opportunity to try some special themes that reflect the colors of the season.

When planning a spring wedding, colors are actually a great way to create atmosphere and add style and personality to your ceremony. And you have different options and approaches you can take. To some people, spring is the season of love and new beginnings. But even more important, it’s the time of year when flowers are everywhere, one of the things that makes this season so appealing. Colors like lemon yellow, green, grey, pink and light blue are all top spring wedding colors for anyone getting hitched between March and June.

What Wedding Color Palettes Are Popular in Spring?

There are plenty of irresistible charms that a spring wedding offers. The winter cold is gone but the summer heat hasn’t started yet, so spring naturally beckons you outdoors. It’s ideal as the time of year when you’re eager to bring your family and friends together outdoors, enjoying the beauty of the spring blossoms. What you need now is the perfect wedding color palette.

A spring wedding is one that’s held when you have the picturesque beauty of the flowers fully in bloom and when nature comes out of its slumber, as living things are now at their most vividly alive, and you can enjoy the birds chirping above you.

Inside your wedding venue, you can use colors to evoke what’s magical about the season to many of us. Colors can also be used to evoke the celebratory spirit we all feel as winter transitions into spring. So here are some color ideas to consider.

Vintage Chic

We all love a sense of nostalgia and a vintage style palette can evoke what so many of us love about the arrival of spring. Shades of wine, rose, velvets and mink can give your wedding a timeless look, one that suggests an olde world wedding that your guests are sure to love. A velvet tablecloth and runner as your meal is being served? There’s a lot to consider with this one.

Pink and Light Blue

As a combination, pink and light blue are an ageless spring color palette,  for the ages. This iconic duo never goes out of style — keep it fresh by using the palest shade of blue to really let the pink hues stand out, and add neutrals like ivory and beige to round out the palette. Now, let’s talk about those magnolias. These are two of the favorite spring wedding colors, giving brides the option of a truly blush wedding that helps prove that spring is one of the loveliest and most romantic times to get married.


Burgundy is a classic color for weddings, and a burgundy and blush color scheme is a popular choice for spring weddings, and there are some wonderful burgundy wedding ideas. One is burgundy paired with blush and white, which adds a soft but sophisticated look to your wedding. You can also add the white and blush to your burgundy bouquets, or a table setting in burgundy and white.

Gray and Lavendar

Light lavender flowers or dresses can become the perfect contrast to using gray on other aspects of your decor, such as the table clothes. These are softer colors that bring out the feel of the season, and you can also try a mix of white and gray for a minimalist look that seems modern but still charming.

Pink & Red

Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day was in February, and even if that month is behind you, the mood of romance can continue with a Red & Pink color palette that captures the feel of cupid still being in the air. Red, after all, is the color of love and passion, and it’s a popular choice in spring, which many consider to be the season of romance.

The bottom line is that while many would choose a traditional white wedding in the winter months, you have plenty of other options for your color palette once spring arrives.

While you’re thinking creatively, find a wedding venue like Windows on the Water that can handle all the larger details for you, with features that include:

  •     Event management
  •     Valet parking
  •     Themed decor
  •     Unique furniture
  •     Uplighting
  •     Menu planning

As a couple using their location for your spring wedding, you can opt for a few or all of these features, letting you and your guests simply relax and enjoy this special day.

Enjoy Your Spring Wedding at Windows on the Water

At Windows on the Water, we’re delighted to host your spring wedding. We know that your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions related to your wedding and your married life, so we strive to make your day unique because you deserve the wedding of your dreams.

 Come visit Windows on the Water and see what makes it one of the most popular spring wedding venues in Central Jersey. As you tour the breathtaking grounds, you’ll see why so many brides and grooms choose us as the backdrop of their declaration of love.

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