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When planning a wedding, deciding on a theme or if you should have a theme at all can be tricky. So many tiny details go into planning a wedding, and it can quickly become overwhelming. Having a themed wedding can allow you to express your creativity and personalities as a couple and get your guests involved in your ceremony, but themed weddings also present some challenges. 

Several aspects come into play when deciding if your wedding should be themed, such as your partner’s opinions, how the theme will photograph, if you will always love the theme, and your budget. Because all of these factors play such important roles on your special day, we have laid out the pros and cons of a themed wedding to help guide your planning process.

Is a Themed Wedding Right for You?

Themed weddings have become increasingly popular over the years, ranging from vintage and historical to sci-fi and fantasy. Themes involve big picture planning, like the venue, and intricate details, like invitation and decoration style. If you are considering having a themed wedding and whether or not a theme is right for you, here are some pros and cons.

The Pros of a Themed Wedding

Themed weddings can give you room to express yourself and make your ceremony totally unique. The pros of a themed wedding include the following:

  • A true-to-you ceremony: Having a themed wedding can make for a memorable ceremony perfectly tailored to you and your interests. Just make sure you select a theme you will look back on and always love.
  • Easier planning process: When you have a theme in mind, the details of your wedding come much more naturally, and decisions are easier to make. Themes allow you and your planners to better understand your vision.
  • Creative and fun: Themed weddings can let you get extremely creative and have a bit more fun planning the details.
  • Guests can get involved: Choosing a themed wedding can allow your guests to get involved by dressing up to match the theme and participating in any games or entertainment.
  • DIY opportunities: Having a specific theme for your ceremony can lend itself to saving money with DIY projects. Depending on your theme of choice, you may be able to borrow items to fit your theme or make unique pieces yourself.

Deciding on a wedding theme can be stressful, but keeping your personality and relationship, your guests, and your budget in mind can help you choose if a theme is a right choice for your special day. Our wedding planners can assist you with all of these aspects, too.

The Cons of a Themed Wedding

While a themed wedding definitely has its benefits, it may not be the best fit for you. The cons of a themed wedding include the following:

  • High costs: Sometimes, the perfect decorations, venue, and other wedding details can be expensive, especially if you have a specific vision in mind. 
  • Can fall short of expectations: When planning a themed wedding, you can develop an idea of exactly how you want your ceremony to look and feel, but sometimes, the final result doesn’t meet your expectations no matter how much you plan.
  • Lots of time: A theme comes with so many specific details, so picking out the perfect pieces to fit your theme can take quite a bit of time. You could potentially spend a lot of time and energy looking for exactly what you want to ensure it matches your theme.
  • Unenthusiastic guests: While a themed wedding can be fun for the couple, not everyone may be eager to dress up or participate in your theme. They may not want to spend too much money on a costume, understand the theme, or may even find the theme offensive. 

When debating on having a wedding theme, it is important to establish your own vision and decide the best path forward so planning runs smoothly. We are here to help you make those decisions and have the best day possible.

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