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 While wedding season is typically in the summer or fall, there are plenty of good reasons to have your wedding in the spring. There are creative ways to tap into all that we love about the season, including the beauty of all those spring flowers starting to blossom as the warmer weather settles in, to the picture-perfect spring weather before the summer heat starts up. For those who love the arrival of spring, there are ways to capture the spirit of the season in your wedding plans.

Are Weddings Less Expensive in Spring?

One benefit of having a spring wedding is less competition. A study by The Knot found the deep winter months before June arrives can be the least popular times to have a wedding, with only 5 percent of ceremonies taking place then. That compares to the months between June and October when 78 percent of all weddings are held, The Knot noted. Typically, costs are higher during those busy months.

In addition, you could discover lower price quotes for other services related to your wedding, by vendors who reduce their costs as bookings go down off-season. That can include:

  • Catering
  • Flowers
  • Photography
  •     Alcohol and other drinks

There can also be off-season discounts on your honeymoon bookings as well.

Are There Any Weather Concerns for a Spring Wedding?

Weather can be a top concern for both winter and summer weddings — but that’s not as true for spring when the cold of winter is gone but the summer heat hasn’t cranked up yet. You don’t have to worry about sweltering summer heat taking a toll on guests, or a major winter storm causing travel headaches for guests. And you’re not going to be dealing much with weather concerns that are common in the summer and fall, like heavy fog or drenching rain and thunderstorms.

And with the weather likely to be beautiful, the look of spring flowers blossoming gives you the opportunity for some gorgeous photos of the bride and groom outside on your big day.  

What are Unique Ideas for a Spring Wedding?

With a spring wedding, there are so many creative ideas you can bring to the table — including your food selection. When the weather is mild outside, consider how appealing a hot and hearty meal is going to be for your guests. Your options include, but are not limited to:

  •     Steaming hot soup
  •     Roasted vegetables
  •   Squash and mashed potatoes

And since it’s spring, where would the food selections be without items like hot chocolate, chocolate toppings bars, and lava cakes?

There are even menu items that are particularly popular for spring weddings, such as filet mignon, baked salmon, and pasta dishes like cheese-stuffed ravioli.

And once you have the hot cider on hand, how about personalized coffee mugs for your guests so they can enjoy those hot drinks and have something to take home to remember your big day?

What Flowers Work Best at Spring Weddings?

The natural beauty of the spring season can be captured in spring colors like shades of yellow, green, pink, blue, and purple that cleanse the palate. Flowers can definitely enhance that theme. In the spring months, there are amazing floral varieties or colors available, and one in-season flower that’s going to be ideal for your wedding is roses. Not only are they a year-round favorite, but they can come in either white or deep red, and look beautiful decorating your ceremony.

And while you’re thinking creatively, find a wedding venue like Windows on the Water that can handle all the larger details for you, with features that include:

  •     Event management
  •     Valet parking
  •     Themed decor
  •     Unique furniture
  •     Uplighting
  •     Menu planning 

As a couple using their location for your spring wedding, you can opt for a few or all of these features, letting you and your guests simply relax and enjoy this special day.

Enjoy Your Spring Wedding at Windows on the Water

At Windows on the Water, we’re delighted to host your spring wedding. We know that your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions related to your wedding and your married life, so we strive to make your day unique because you deserve the wedding of your dreams.

 Come visit Windows on the Water and see what makes it one of the most popular spring wedding venues in Central Jersey. As you tour the breathtaking grounds, you’ll see why so many brides and grooms choose us as the backdrop of their declaration of love.

 Start planning your Central Jersey spring wedding, contact us today at 609-208-9475 or online for our Windows Wedding Packet that includes menus, event pricing and everything in between.