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If you’ve decided to have a themed wedding, you already know how fun it can be! Having a theme can add so much personality and self-expression to the event. Most themed weddings are okay with playing with traditions and mixing them up to create a celebration all their own.

One thing to consider when planning a themed wedding is that there are guidelines to success so that it doesn’t take away from the true occasion: celebrating the bride and groom. Creating a proper balance between the theme and celebration is not difficult, but it does require careful planning. To guide you on your mission of planning a perfect themed wedding, here are six do’s and don’ts of planning your big day.

3 Do’s of a Perfect Themed Wedding

When deciding on details to incorporate into your themed wedding, consider starting with a theme that is wedding appropriate. Choose a theme that highlights the joys and union of your marriage, something kid-friendly, or something personal that can be incorporated as a romantic detail to help your guests connect to the celebration. These are just a few ideas, but here are three more general tips.

Do Choose a Timeless Theme

Ultimately, the most crucial aspect in picking a perfect wedding theme is considering how timeless the theme is. How well does this theme go with your personality? Is it a theme you will still love when you’re looking at wedding pictures on your ten-year anniversary?

It’s important to think about how the theme will age and whether or not it is just a trendy idea. Having a personal, significant, and timeless theme will be sure to wow guests and keep it an occasion you’ll love to look back on for years to come.

Choose cohesive elements and add details found in traditional weddings, but with an added twist of expression. For instance, music is an excellent way to add flair to a themed reception.

Do Choose a Venue That Matches Your Theme

One of the best ways to incorporate a theme into your wedding is to make your venue the focal point of the event. The venue sets the tone and the aesthetic of the entire celebration. Without the right venue, it could be hard to force your desired theme because details could seem disjointed and random. Consider choosing a venue that fits your theme perfectly first, and then continue planning from there.

Do Choose Themed Wedding Favors

A fun way to incorporate your wedding theme is to include it in your wedding favors for guests. This will make them more engaging and fun to receive and act as a memento of your special themed day.

3 Don’ts of a Themed Wedding

Don’t Go Over the Top

Be careful not to make the theme the center of attention. Add in theme-related details instead of bending your every decision to the theme you’ve chosen. Take the pressure off of relating everything to your theme and add elements that feel genuine to you. This can keep you from overwhelming guests and creating an event that seems more like a party than a wedding affair.

Don’t Choose a Color Scheme and Theme

Don’t choose both. One way to complicate your theme and make it exceedingly frustrating to find things that go well together is to choose a niche theme and also stick to a color scheme. Choose one or the other in order to make planning easier for you and keep the wedding looking more seamless and natural.

Don’t Set Rules for Guests

One faux pas that people sometimes make is to make guests abide by strict theme rules. Insisting on your guests dressing up in a certain way or participating in certain themed activities can be a tad overwhelming when they’re already taking the time to celebrate your marriage.

Choose Windows on the Water Lakeside Venue for Your Unique Themed Wedding

Windows on the Water, an 86-acre lakeside landscape located in New Jersey, would be a picturesque venue for your big day. Planning a themed wedding with perfect execution is no challenge for our professional wedding planners and expert staff that guide you through the entire process.

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