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With spring comes the revival of pastels and flowers. However, colorful hues and blooms aren’t the only spring details couples can use for wedding inspiration. In fact, many couples are getting creative with the details for their spring weddings, combining traditional elements with modern touches. Whether it’s incorporating tropical touches into your flower arrangements or dark accents into your reception decor, there are plenty of unique themes you can use for your outdoor spring wedding. Here are five fresh wedding theme ideas to consider for your spring wedding.

Incorporate Tropical Touches into Your Flowers

One way to get creative with your spring outdoor wedding is to incorporate tropical flowers into your floral arrangements. Instead of choosing to add tiki torches and fake palm trees to your reception decor, consider simply incorporating bright, warm-weather flowers to add some tropical flair to your theme. Orchids, birds of paradise, and king protea are great flowers for adding tropical accents to your reception.

Draw on Spring’s Natural Inspiration

Spring is the season of growth, and many couples planning spring weddings choose to incorporate some of the season’s natural themes. As you “plant the seeds” for a new chapter in your relationship, consider exploring the season’s offerings and incorporating some of them into your decor. Whether you choose to use seed paper for your wedding invitations or use planters as table centerpieces, there is no shortage of ways to get creative with drawing on spring’s natural themes for wedding inspiration.

Accent Your Decor with Dark Finishes

While pastels, flowers, and all things light and airy may be the natural go-to for spring wedding planning, dark accents can add a sophisticated atmosphere to a spring wedding. Incorporating dark hues into your finishing accents, such as wine glasses, candles, or flatware, is a great way to add a striking aesthetic to your tables.

Go for a Whimsical Garden Vibe

During spring, greenery begins to pop up and flowers begin to bloom. It’s a season that is whimsical and floral in nature, making it only natural that couples are choosing garden themes for their spring weddings. Creating an enchanted garden at your ceremony or reception is a great way to mimic the season’s natural charm in your wedding decor. Whether you choose to curate a botanical garden for your outdoor wedding or create floral chandeliers for your venue, there are plenty of ways to get creative with making your wedding an outdoor garden paradise.

Futuristic Decor

While most couples look to the past and age-old traditions for wedding decor inspiration, why not draw inspiration from the future? Consider incorporating futuristic elements like neon lights and 3-D projections into your wedding theme. Whether you choose to go all out with a neon installation or simply add small touches like hand-blown centerpieces to your tabletops, there are plenty of ways to give your wedding a futuristic, sophisticated aesthetic.

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