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Winter is a beautiful and increasingly popular time to get married. The chilly weather, fluffy white snow, and clean air make for a naturally enchanting environment. The winter season provides unique advantages, such as increased attendance, cheaper venue costs, and no worries about humidity or sweaty groomsmen! It also offers its own set of unique challenges.

As more and more couples choose the colder season to say “I do,” the traditional customs and colors of wedding season fall further and further out of fashion. The pastels of springtime don’t necessarily mix well with the stark white of winter. You also have to give thought to planning around the holidays. After having carefully considered the pros and cons of a winter wedding, you then get to begin the process of choosing the perfect wedding colors!

3 Ideas to Think Over When Choosing Your Winter Wedding Color Scheme

Without the traditional customs to fall back on, there is a lot to navigate when it comes time to pick out the perfect winter wedding colors! In order to ensure you are choosing the right color palette for you, here are three important topics to mull over:

What Is Your Theme?

Just because you are getting married in December doesn’t mean your wedding is Christmas themed (unless you want it to be)!

Treat your winter wedding colors the way you’d prefer, no matter the proximity to the holidays! Nobody will notice or care if your ceremony doesn’t acknowledge that New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. However, if you and your fiancé are tying the knot a few weeks before Christmas and want your ceremony to reflect that, consider a subtle and sleek nod to the festive season with dark reds and rich greens.

If you are looking for something a little different that is not holiday focused but still highlights the cold and cozy months, then there are still plenty of non-holiday themes to choose from!

Is Your Venue Inside Or Outside?

Will you and your fiancé say your vows outside and in front of giant mounds of fresh snow? Or will you be cozied up indoors, with a crackling fireplace and faux pine trees behind you?

Either way, let your venue influence your specific winter color palette. If you are braving the cold for the beautiful, crisp air and gorgeous photo opportunities, then a dusty blue or icy silver would be perfect. For our folks who tend to get cold easily and have gone with a cozy, cabin-esque interior, you can really lean into the sage green and other warmer colors.

What Would Make You Happy?

At the end of the day, no matter the season, it is your wedding. Your big day requires only one condition, and it is that you and your fiancé enjoy it. If you and your bridesmaids have found the perfect millennial pink dresses but are concerned they do not fit the typical winter wedding color scheme, don’t worry about it! With the perfect venue and people, any color will work, “traditional” or not.

Windows on The Water Can Help Executive The Perfect Winter Wedding

Still not sure which colors are right for you? Our team of professional wedding specialists can help guide you through all of the important details, big or small. Our 86-acre resort, located in Monmouth, New Jersey, makes for the perfect winter wedding venue. Windows on the Water will utilize its dedicated staff and scenic location to ensure your vision comes to life.

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