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A wedding, like any good party, needs a theme. You may have been to weddings where the theme was simple, traditional, and formal. Some people go the extra mile to make their wedding stand out with an extravagant theme. Regardless of where you fall, a theme makes your wedding feel more personal and keeps everything unified.

Most people are ready for the holidays in the winter, so wedding themes centered around the festive season are commonplace. It’s beautiful, but you may want to save the holiday cheer for the actual celebration. Just because your wedding is in the winter doesn’t mean you have to have a holiday-themed wedding. There are many different non-holiday winter wedding themes that you can choose.

Return to Nature with a Winter Woodland or Forest Wedding Theme

Nature is a great place to look to for theme inspiration. Flora and fauna of the forests and woodlands are beautiful and a wonderful backdrop to set your wedding. You could use reclaimed wood, saplings, and winter plants in your decorations. Instead of the typical host of colorful flowers, you could include more earthy plants in your bouquets, such as pine cones, pine needles, holly, and winter berries, along with one or two earth-toned or neutral-colored flowers. Pinecone fire starters would make great wedding favors for a wedding like this.

And don’t forget to take inspiration from the animals: foxes, wolves, and rabbits. You can represent the forest animals by wearing a faux fur shawl or adding faux fur accents to your wedding clothes. Use a color palette that focuses on browns and greens in your decoration with a light dusting of white for snow.

Highlight the Weather with a Snow and Ice Wedding Theme

You may be having a winter wedding because of the lovely winter weather and snowy landscapes. Highlight what you are seeing and draw inspiration from the snow and ice. This theme can be straightforward, or you can get creative and make it more complex. Have a color palette replete with silver, blues, and white. Choose decorations and clothing accents that glitter like sunlight cascading on a bed of snow. You could also use snowflake-shaped decor and accessories.

Bring the Arctic Circle to You with a Northern Lights Wedding Theme

The northern lights are a well-known natural phenomenon. They’re famous for their magical, colorful glow against the night sky, but they’re also an experience that is inaccessible for many. The northern lights are unpredictable and can only be seen on a dark, clear night in certain locations far up north. However, you don’t have to go all the way to the Arctic Circle to experience the Northern Lights for your wedding.

Draw partially from the snow and ice theme but add colors that you would typically see in the lights, such as purples, greens, and blues. Use neon lights to simulate their glow. You can also take inspiration from the night sky in your decorations and clothes for this theme.

Get Rustic with a Winter Cottage Style Wedding Theme

Rustic weddings have been all the rage for a while now, and the college aesthetic has become very popular. Give your rustic wedding a winter twist and tap into that cozy winter cottage feeling. The cottage-style relies on more romantic natural imagery. Incorporate vines, ivy, and roses into your decor and bouquet. Also, include wood and iron in your decorations. Decorations can be rustic but minimalist. The color palette for this style of wedding could be light or neutral.

Have a Legendary Wedding with a Mythology Wedding Theme

When crafting your ideal wedding, think about your favorite mythos. Take inspiration from Greek mythology for your special day. Winter will be a great time to draw inspiration from the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone. The abduction of Persephone is a myth that explains the cause of the changing seasons. In a nutshell, Persephone marries Hades and lives in the underworld with him for six months. While she’s gone, her mother Demeter grieves her absence, causing vegetation to wither and die until she returns. With this theme, you’re not just using winter but also adding in underworld themes. This wedding theme is ideal for anyone who prefers a darker color palette.

Windows on the Water Can Bring Your Dream Wedding to Life

Windows on the Water has a team of professional wedding specialists waiting in the wings to give you the wedding you’ve always wanted. Our preferred professionals can guide you through making your idea for a theme reality. Our venue is the perfect setting for your winter wedding, no matter what theme you decide to use. Located in Monmouth, New Jersey, Windows on the Water boasts a vast 86-acre resort where we can hold your wedding ceremony against the backdrop of an elegant lake and a beautiful snowy landscape. Enjoy it all during cocktail hour on our two-tiered patio or the reception in our fully-lined all-weather tent.

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