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Winter weddings can be absolutely magical. Light snowfall outside while saying your vows near a crackling fire is like a scene lifted right from a Hallmark movie. As picturesque as it may sound for couples who tie the knot in the frosty months, however, complications may arise that those getting married in the summer won’t experience.

There are still plenty of reasons why you should plan your tent wedding for the winter, though—so long as you are prepared for the drawbacks. Read on for the pros and cons.

Pros of a Winter Wedding

There are several reasons to get married in the winter. Between the scenery, more temperate weather, and better pricing and guest availability, winter weddings may just be the way to go.

Beautiful Scenery

Snowy weddings stun guests. Photos will look incredible with snowflakes in your hair or on the groom’s tuxedo. After a snowfall, everything seems so peaceful, calm, and beautiful.

Snow is also a great photo backdrop. You and your partner can write your names in it, or you can stage a snowball fight between bridesmaids and groomsmen that will make a great picture and memory.

No Heat to Stress About

While you may have to worry about the cold, you certainly won’t have to worry about the heat with a winter wedding. Space heaters can easily keep tents nice and toasty in the winter, while it’s difficult to keep tents cool during the summer.

It’s the Off-Season for Weddings

Most couples get married between late spring and early fall. Since winter is the off-season for weddings, you’ll save a ton of money on catering, photography, and venue. If a business doesn’t have a lower rate, try negotiating with them. They likely don’t have many weddings, so they may be willing to go down on the price. In addition to lower costs, you’ll also have your choice of vendors!

More Guests Will Be Able to Attend

When you get married during the wedding season, you risk not having all your guests attend. Many events occur between May and September, including graduations, family vacations or reunions, and even other weddings, so your guest might be booked. Many people have more availability during the winter than they do in the summer.

Cons of a Winter Wedding

While there are some great reasons to say “I do” in the winter, there may be some turn-offs as well. Inclement weather can disrupt even the most full-proof plans, and some guests may not want to travel during the winter. You may also have limited options for flowers.

Inclement Weather

While snow is beautiful, too much of it can turn your special day into a wintery nightmare. Heavy snow and ice can affect the roads, or even snow you and your guests in. Weather is unpredictable, so it’s best to have a backup plan just in case a blizzard hits.

Some Guests May Not Want to Travel

While your guests are most likely free in the winter, they may not want to travel. Roads can become slick and dangerous overnight. In addition, guests probably traveled a lot during November and December to be with friends and family during the holidays and may not want to travel anymore.

Limited Floral Options

Many flowers can’t grow in the extreme cold, so your flower options are likely to be limited. But winter flowers are beautiful too, like buttercups and stephanotis. Poinsettias are perfect all winter long, not just around Christmas.

Picture Perfect Tent Weddings in Central New Jersey

No matter what time of year you get married, an outdoor tent wedding at Windows on the Water will be beautiful. Our expert planners will help plan out all the logistics for your winter wedding. Assisting couples and creating memories that last a lifetime is what we do best, and we can’t wait to help make your dream a reality.

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