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Over the last few years, many weddings have been rescheduled, postponed, or canceled altogether because of needed social distancing measures. In 2022, many couples are ready to be wed and finally make it down the aisle to start a new journey. With so many changes seen in social gatherings and events, you may be surprised to see some wedding trends that many consider in 2022. At Windows on the Water, our team of professionals is eager to help couples prepare for their big day at our New Jersey wedding venue! Keep reading to discover 7 surprising wedding trends to consider for your 2022 wedding.

1. Have a Trendy Themed Wedding

Almost every bride has a vision or significant idea of what their perfect wedding day will look like, but how many brides want to incorporate a theme into the day of their union? Surprisingly, many wedding themes are trending this year.

From sustainable decor to historical and era-inspired Great Gatsby decor, weddings make a more expressive and unique move away from traditional expectations. Whether your theme is playful, bold, vintage, or over the top, a themed wedding gives you the chance to live out your dream celebration.

2. Skip the Veil, Find Unique Hair Accessories

When it comes to hair-do’s, brides want the best and most flattering hairstyle that compliments their look and lasts throughout their event. Many brides have opposed the use of a traditional veil over the years. Floral headbands, jeweled clips, and different up-do’s allow for a flawless and comfortable look that keeps brides looking great without worrying about their hair throughout their wedding.

Whether you’re going for a natural look or a glamorous style with professional hair and makeup, you’ll have all the space you need to prepare while in a bridal suite that’s included in your wedding day package.

3. Non-traditional Seating Arrangements

Many brides enjoy choosing seating arrangements and reviewing their RSVPs to pair and group their guests for the best experience at their party. With many pro’s and con’s in assigned seating at a wedding, many couples opt for non-traditional arrangements for their event.

Instead of using place cards, setting a seating board for guests to find a seat at their numbered table is a unique way to seat guests. Using rectangular tables and rows beside the dance floor instead of round tables can also give you more seating and space for activities.

4. Alternative Bride and Groom Attire

A wedding is meant for a bride and groom to celebrate their new life together alongside their friends and family. Many couples choose to wear non-traditional attire that fits their personality and uniqueness during their joyous celebration. While a traditional bride may wear a white wedding dress or gown, some have chosen to wear short, non-white dresses, wedding jumpsuits, and even two-piece outfits. Many grooms, traditionally remembered in a black tux, have chosen a different route. Bold-colored suits, unique blazers, unique ties, and hats that fit their style are among the many surprising wedding trends.

5. Digital Wedding Invites and Registries

In a digital era, we are used to communicating via different measures in social media, cell phones, apps, and over the internet. Instead of sending wedding invitations and sharing your registry information in physical envelopes, many services offer couples the ease of electronic invites and reservations. This makes it easy for guests to respond to your invitations, send their plus one info, as well as know they’ll get you a gift you want and will enjoy.

6. Buffet-Style Meals at the Reception

Traditionally, weddings are events that have set menus before the wedding. Many outdoor weddings feature food trucks, buffet-style meal options, finger foods, and desserts this year. Alternatives to traditional cake, like cake-pops, donuts, ice-cream sundae bars, and other unique food features, are among the trendiest ways to feed your wedding guests.

Like non-traditional seating arrangements, buffet-style meals and alternative food options can relieve you of the stress of ensuring your guests are taken care of on your wedding day.

7. Mini-Weddings and Receptions

Lastly, a unique way to have a wedding is planning mini-weddings and receptions. This trendy wedding theme took a spike amidst the pandemic and social distancing needs. Many people hosted a few of their closest friends and family members with the most basic and essential cost-effective and worry-free needs for their tight-knit celebration.

Small weddings with a short invite list do not mean you’ll be unable to make beautiful and worthwhile moments. An outdoor tent wedding at our Windows on the Water New Jersey venue is a lovely place to celebrate with signature cocktails and your trendiest wedding essentials.

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