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Choosing the wine and beer for your reception beverage list is just the start. Having a creative cocktail is a wedding staple that your guests will love. Not only is offering a full bar expensive, but it usually makes for long lines of people looking to order custom drinks. Signature cocktails are the perfect solution for offering a delicious drink your friends and family will love. Unique, budget-friendly, and easy for your bartenders, crafting a custom cocktail is a great way to create a drink that reflects you and your partner’s alcohol preferences. Here are some helpful tips on creating a signature cocktail for your outdoor tent wedding.

Get Inspired by Your Favorite Drinks

If you’re not someone who likes to whip up a cocktail at home, use your favorite drinks for inspiration. Do you have a go-to cocktail you order at your favorite bars? If so, consider using it as a base for your wedding cocktail. You can also consult the bartenders who will be working your reception for help. Tell them what kinds of spirits and flavors you like, and they can help you craft the perfect cocktail.

Create a Drink That Will Be Appealing to the Majority of Your Guests

While you want your cocktail to reflect the unique tastes you and your partner love, you also want to keep in mind that your guests might have different preferences. To create a cocktail the majority of your guests will love, go for spirits that are more neutral like vodka and gin instead of those that have intense flavors like mezcal and whiskey.

Craft a Drink That Reflects Your Wedding Theme

As you create your wedding cocktail, be sure to incorporate your wedding theme. Incorporating the colors and flavors that are already a part of your menu and decor is a great way to have your signature cocktail complement your wedding theme. It can also be a great idea to have your cocktail reflect the seasonality and setting of your wedding. For example, if you are getting married in the fall, consider serving a cider-based drink. Additionally, you can let your wedding destination shine through your signature cocktail. If you’re getting married in a tropical setting, consider serving a rum-based drink. Alternatively, if you’re getting married in a barn, consider doing a spin on an old-fashioned—the options are endless.

Add a Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to your wedding cocktail is a great way to make it meaningful. Using your new last name or incorporating your favorite activities and hobbies into the cocktail’s name is a great way to personalize it. If you and your partner have very different drink preferences, consider creating two cocktails to reflect each of your tastes.

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