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A February wedding is a wonderful idea for those who love winter and do not wish to be yet another couple getting married in the wedding-heavy summer months. As you plan for your big day, make sure you are prepared for winter weather, cold conditions, and possible travel delays. Additionally, you can take advantage of the winter season to create a beautifully warm and cozy atmosphere for your guests that cannot be replicated at summer weddings. With proper planning, your February wedding will be an unforgettable celebration of your love and commitment as you enter into marriage.

Although the winter months are marked by less daylight and cold weather, winter weddings can be absolutely beautiful. You and your fiancé should be able to get married whenever you want, and you should choose a venue that will accommodate you and your guests in February. At Windows on the Water, our 86-acre private resort provides stunning views throughout the entire year. We want to make your February wedding everything you dreamed of and more.

Be Prepared for Winter Weather at Your February Wedding

One of the biggest concerns for those planning a February wedding is the weather. As you create the itinerary for your big day, you should create alternative plans in case of inclement weather. For example, if your ceremony is going to be outside, your venue should have a space ready in case the ceremony must be moved indoors due to the weather. Additionally, you should keep in mind that the weather may cause travel delays, which could cause certain members of your family or wedding party to arrive late. 

If you are having a February wedding, you should also do your best to ensure that guests can access your wedding venue safely. Make sure the wedding venue will salt its driveways and walkways if there is snow and ice. Encourage your guests to stay at hotels that are close to the venue to minimize their need to drive in wintry conditions. You may even be able to hire a shuttle service from certain hotels to your venue.

Create a Warm and Cozy Atmosphere for Your February Wedding Guests to Enjoy

By having your wedding in February, you have the opportunity to host a beautifully cozy and romantic wedding that will stand out from all the summer weddings. During the winter, the sun sets earlier in the evening; therefore, you can utilize candlelight to maximize the romantic atmosphere of your wedding. Your wedding decorations may include dark greens and other rich colors, and your guests might enjoy having hot drink options to stay warm. Take advantage of the winter ambiance to create the perfect cozy feel for your big day.

Your wedding venue should also provide ample heaters and other means by which your guests can fight the cold. The venue may feature a roaring fireplace or bonfire as well. If your wedding ceremony will take place outside, you can provide blankets on the backs of chairs for your guests. While the focus of your wedding day is the union between you and your partner, you want your guests to be comfortable and not miserable due to the cold.

Let Windows on the Water Host Your Beautiful February Wedding and Reception

Do not let the winter weather prevent you from having your dream wedding in February. It is important to create alternate plans in case of inclement weather, travel delays, or other winter scenarios. As long as you plan ahead, you will be able to stay warm and celebrate your marriage with your loved ones. Windows on the Water contains sweeping grounds that look gorgeous all year long, and it is the perfect location to host your wedding ceremony and reception.

At Windows on the Water, we aim to create a warm, cozy, and romantic setting for you and your guests. We are confident that our venue is the perfect choice to host your dream February wedding. Please reach out to our team today by calling (609) 208-9475 or by filling out our contact form.