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Your wedding flowers are a vital aspect of your big day. You hold them as you walk down the aisle, they look stunning in your wedding photos, and they probably will be decorating each table and the surrounding area as well. However, they don’t have to be a purely aesthetic choice. Though this is definitely an option, it can be fun and uplifting to have your wedding flowers be both beautiful and meaningful. 

If you are toying around with a few different options based on your dress or your venue and can’t quite decide which to go with, the flower’s hidden meaning might be the push you need to make your choice. To help guide you, Windows on the Water has had our professional wedding planners put together a guide of four popular flower choices and what they can symbolize. 


The most popular and traditional wedding flower, the rose, is known for its simple, elegant beauty. For as long as they have been around, the rose has meant love. It’s why you give them out on Valentine’s Day, and it’s why they have remained so powerful and popular. However, roses come in many different colors. The most traditional is red, though this doesn’t necessarily match everyone’s theme. 

For a winter wedding, consider the classy white rose. White roses can mean purity or innocence, and look striking during the colder months. Pink roses symbolize happiness or joy, while yellow is representative of friendship and thankfulness. 


Seasonal to spring, tulips are another multi-colored flower that are sure to brighten your day. Like the rose, the hidden meaning depends on the color of the flower. Some potential meanings include: 

  • Red tulips: Declaration of love
  • Yellow tulips: Cheer, sunshine
  • White tulips: Forgiveness 

Finding the meaning that matches most closely with you and your spouse’s love story can add a new depth to your flower arrangement. 


Carnations are popular due to their durability. They can go the entire day without water and still look as fresh and beautiful as they did when they were picked. Carnations were extremely popular back in the day, and like all things, became too common and fell out of style. However, recently they have been making a comeback! 

A big and beautiful arrangement of carnations can symbolize your and your spouse’s love and pride for each other. A warning for the superstitious, though: be careful to avoid striped carnations, as they used to commonly symbolize a refusal or rejection. If you are not superstitious, however, they are very pretty!


An uncommon but striking choice for a wedding, the sunflower is great for a nice summer day. Matched with a waterfront venue like ours, the sunflower’s big and familiar appearance is sure to bring a smile to both your and your spouse’s face. The large yellow flower represents big and bold love, purity, and adoration. 

Partnered up with a smaller flower like baby’s breath, your sunflower bouquet is guaranteed to turn heads!

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