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Flowers are an essential part of any wedding. Selecting flowers that reflect the theme of your wedding will add the perfect floral complement to your special day. However, with the endless options that are available, choosing your wedding flowers can feel overwhelming.

Ultimately, the best flowers for your wedding and bouquet will come down to your personal preference. Whether you want a bold and colorful arrangement or something light and neutral, there are plenty of flowers to choose from. Outlined below are five of the most popular wedding flowers out there.

1. Most Popular Wedding Flower: Roses

Roses are one of the most popular flower choices for outdoor weddings. With over 3,000 varieties, there are plenty of unique types of rose to fit your floral arrangement. While roses are traditionally associated with strong scents, there are many roses with a more subtle fragrance. Additionally, there are plenty of affordable options from which to choose. The most common wedding roses include:

  • Hybrid tea roses: A classic option you see available at most commercial stores
  • Spray roses: These are distinguishable by five to 10 small heads on each stem
  • Garden roses: These flowers have bushy open heads and fragrant scents

While roses are some of the most popular flowers at weddings, there’s no shortage of varieties from which to choose.

2. Most Popular Wedding Flower: Tulips

Originating from Persia, tulips represent consuming love and are a sentimental flower choice for any wedding. Tulips grow in a variety of colors, ranging from neutral tones such as light pinks and yellows to vibrant hues including bright red and purple. The majority of tulips are affordable and available throughout most of the year. A versatile flower, tulips enhance extravagant and casual weddings alike. The most common varieties of tulips used in outdoor weddings include:

  • Dutch tulips: This variety of tulips is offered at most florist shops
  • French tulips: These have long, slender stems and large blooms
  • Parrot tulips: These have striped petals and come in a variety of vibrant colors

3. Most Popular Wedding Flower: Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley has tiny, bell-shaped florets that emerge from thin stems. They’re a very popular wedding flower choice. Even celebrities like Kate Middleton have been seen sporting the flower down the aisle.

Additionally, lily of the valley is distinguishable by a strong fragrance. Unlike tulips and roses, this flower tends to be more expensive. So, while carrying a white, delicate bouquet of lily of the valley might be your dream, it’s important to consider the cost. You could also consider using a couple lily of the valley stems in a mixed bouquet.

4. Most Popular Wedding Flower: Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas have bush heads and are usually grown in pink, blue, and purple. In the Victorian age, hydrangeas were a symbol of vanity, and for good reason. These beautiful flowers are a classic choice for outdoor weddings. Most hydrangeas are moderately priced and are a great option for filling out bouquets or making boutonnieres.

5. Most Popular Wedding Flower: Gardenias

Gardenias make beautiful, rustic floral arrangements. With white petals surrounded by dark green leaves, gardenia flowers have a sultry fragrance and a timeless aesthetic. Gardenias add a beautiful touch to any wedding bouquet and make a great choice for table centerpieces. However, gardenias can be expensive and bruise easily.

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