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While there’s no replacing professional wedding photos or videography, couples are increasingly embracing the charm of TikTok as a unique, modern, and heartfelt space for keeping their memories. Weddings are huge on TikTok, from discussing every step of the planning process to capturing the day itself in an engaging, short format.

Making wedding TikToks is a new but already beloved tradition, allowing couples and their guests to create memorable snippets to look back on for many years to come. This kind of content does require a little bit of planning, but incorporating TikTok into your festivities is all about keeping it fun and being spontaneous.

How to Brainstorm TikTok Videos That Are Ideal for Weddings 

TikTok videos are a great complement to more traditional ways of documenting a wedding, while also adding the uniquely entertaining elements that make this platform so popular.  Browsing WeddingTok is a great way to get inspired with ideas from the categories and themes that are popular for capturing the big day. There’s no limit to your creativity when it comes to making TikToks, but some of the most engaging types of videos for weddings include: 

“Get Ready With Me”

These are videos with intimate, behind-the-scenes glimpses showing the transformation of the wedding party, especially the bride and groom, before the ceremony. This content will also often feature the first reaction to seeing the bride in her wedding dress from close relatives and friends. These are amazing, crowd-pleasing moments that everyone loves to see.

Significant Moments and Details

Certain milestones will end up defining the day in everyone’s memories, like the exchange of wedding vows, the couple’s first dance, or a sibling’s heartwarming toast. TikTok is great for sharing these highlights in a condensed format that makes it easy to relive the magic. This type of content is also all about appreciating elements of the decor, like the flowers, table settings, wedding cake, or beautiful areas around the venue. 

Guest Reactions and Well-Wishes

Having wedding guests share their blessings or advice for the couple directly on camera can make for the very special, endearing content TikTok is known for. This category also includes candid reactions to some of the key moments throughout the day, like the newlyweds entering the reception hall. 

Find a Balance Between Scheduled and Spontaneous TikTok Moments

While you need to have some of your wedding TikToks planned out in advance to make sure you capture specific highlights, you don’t need a formal structure when making this type of content. Go with the flow and leave room for organic moments, which will probably be the most genuine and cherished memories of the day. 

Encourage Friends and Family to Get Involved  

Spread the word before the wedding that you’ll be making TikToks throughout the celebration. Some people are more into social media than others but many of your guests will be very enthusiastic about joining in or even come prepared with their own ideas. You can also encourage participation by setting up a designated “TikTok booth” with good lighting and an attractive backdrop for guests to record their content. 

Keep It Light, Fun, and Easy  

The main purpose of creating wedding TikToks is to add an extra layer of enjoyment to your special day and make it easier for everyone to see the best moments. Maintain a relaxed, lighthearted attitude, make it an optional activity for anyone who wants to participate, and just allow the great wedding content to create itself.  

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