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Everyone loves a goodie bag filled with favors at the end of a party. The party favors you choose on your wedding can be the finishing touch that makes a lasting impression to delight your guests, even when the reception is through. Show your guests how much you appreciate them sharing with you this memorable day of love with creative and eclectic favors that they’ll totally appreciate

Take a look at some of our favorite ideas for great wedding party favors.

What are Good Favors to Keep the Party Going?

Keep your guests celebrating long after the reception’s over with personalized favors for those old enough to indulge. Whether you choose something for your guests to keep or consume at the party, you can be sure they’ll be toasting you and your loved one for happy times to come.

  • Classic cocktail shakers – Remind your guests of your wedding day for years to come with stainless steel cocktail shakers. Add a personalized touch with your married initials or wedding day date engraved. This favor can get a little pricey when buying in bulk, so this is also a good option to give to your wedding party
  • Couple’s signature cocktail kits – Send guests home with a taste that reflects you and yours’ style with miniature bottles packaged daintily in decorative boxes. For added creativity, create a recipe to go along with your favorite spirits.
  • Copper mule mugs – Skip the shot and pint glasses and opt for copper Moscow Mule mugs with distinction and style. You and your love’s initials will shine bright on this favor that’s both functional and fancy.

These favor ideas will reflect the fun and playful side of the bride and groom. Include a taste of locally made brews and spirits to reflect the destination’s style.

What are Some Delicious & Flavorful Party Favors?

Your guests will gladly welcome a sugary snack after hitting the dancefloor at your reception! Wedding favors with flavors sweet as your love are always a crowd-pleaser. For an added touch, include a card with a recipe or anecdote about the treat.

  • Macarons – This delicate and chic favor adds a touch of elegance to your party favor variety. Package them in little boxes, so they’re easy for your guests to take home as they’re going out the door.
  • Buttercream-filled cookie sandwiches – Nobody can resist the taste of chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookie sandwiches with rich buttercream frosting come with flavors so divine they could compete with your wedding cake!  
  • Hot cocoa for winter weddings – For edible party favors perfect for winter wonderland themes, go with hot cocoa and marshmallow packets. Include flavors like peppermint, dark chocolate, and vanilla for a gourmet taste to warm your guests’ hearts and hands.

For a less expensive party favor option with lots of room for creativity, choose edible favors for your wedding. Everyone’s a foodie at heart, and guests love these tasty details to reflect the taste of you and yours.

What are Fun Favors Perfect for Wedding Photos?

Have fun with party favors and pass them out early to be used as colorful props that guests can play with for wedding photos. Subtle effects can be just as striking in a picture as more apparent effects.

  • Color-coordinated parasols – A perfect addition to summertime weddings, this party favor is both stylish and practical for shielding strong sun rays. Choose shades in a few bright colors or an assortment of colors to match your wedding theme colors.
  • Cozy fleece blankets – Ideal for winter weddings, cozy rolled-up fleece blankets will keep your guests warm and last a long time after the wedding’s over.
  • Vintage handkerchiefs – Perfect for happy tears during your spring wedding ceremony, timeless handkerchiefs are sweet and thoughtful favors your guests will keep.

These are a few options for party favor ideas you can use in any season. Your wedding photos are priceless, and little details like adding color-coordinated favors to adorn your guests can make a dramatic difference.

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