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You have done the hard part and picked out a wedding cake that you, your spouse, and every one of your guests will enjoy. Your perfectly unique wedding cake topper has been secured, and now there is just one looming question: when and how do you serve your wedding’s central dessert? 

Tradition, as most commonly seen in your parent’s wedding photos or the movies, will have everyone gather around for you and your spouse to cut it, then serve out individual slices. Tradition may not be exactly the vibe you are going for, or maybe you have gone with a wedding cake alternative, like cupcakes or banana bread. No matter your reasoning, the professionals at  Windows on the Water have you covered with four unique tips on how to best serve your wedding cake in a way that works for you. 

4 Tips on How and When to Serve Your Wedding Cake

The best time to have dessert at your wedding is whatever time you and your partner want. This can depend on the location of your kitchen in the reception hall, or whether or not your wedding is in the morning or afternoon. No matter your set of circumstances, your wedding is about doing what makes you and your spouse happy. To help guide you, the following are tips on how to best executive serving the big dessert:

Make The Cake Cutting an Event

It never hurts to keep with tradition sometimes. Make the cake cutting a full event after everyone has finished their meals. Guests can gather around as you and your spouse share the utensil to cut the decorative top layer. Traditionally, there will be a larger sheet cake ready to be cut and distributed to guests. The top layer is then for you and your spouse to take home. If you really want to keep with tradition, freeze what is left to then unthaw and enjoy on your first anniversary! 

Let People Come and Go As They Please

If you and your spouse are not comfortable with smashing buttercream icing onto each other’s cheeks in front of all of your family and friends, you don’t have to. You can always leave the cake out like you would a buffet style dinner: pre-sliced and ready for the taking! 

This works better if you have an eager dance floor. People can come and go as they please, grabbing another drink or a slice of cake during a dance break. 

Have It Ready at Your Guest’s Tables

Depending on your venue and who is working your wedding, you may have the option of having pre-sliced cake delivered straight to your guest’s table. This can be done while everyone is up and dancing, so when they return, it’s there. This can be nice for decluttering the bar and preventing lines from gathering around the eating station or kitchen. However, you may want to make an announcement beforehand, so people know and don’t go the entire night without enjoying a slice!

Carry It Around

This option pairs best if you have gone with a unique alternative to a sheet cake. Cupcakes or something similarly portable can be put on a tray and carried around the reception area, like you would appetizers or even drinks. This could be an awkward option if everyone is up dancing or playing games the entire night, so it’s important to consider your audience. 

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