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There are lots of ways to be creative to surprise your guests during your wedding — ranging from the choice of your wedding gown to your venue to the themes incorporated into the decor. 

Food is also an important choice, and clearly one of the most important to your guests once the celebration starts. Naturally, that includes your choice for a wedding cake, which plays an important — and hopefully delicious — ending to the meal you serve.

You definitely want your wedding cake to make a statement and be something that guests are bragging about. One way to help ensure your cake does double duty is to impress the guests with not just the taste but also the look of it. One way to help make it stand out is through your choice of a cake topper.

Let’s take a look at some of the creative ideas being used today for cake toppers that stand out and help make a statement.

Why are Wedding Cakes So Important?

New wedding trends are a bit like rainy days — they keep coming back over and over again. And cake toppers are increasingly popular because of how important the wedding cake is to the overall success of your wedding. The first thing your guests see as they walk into the reception hall is that large tiered cake, which can be decorated to fit the theme, color, and message of the couple. 

The look of that cake is important, but so is another tradition: Cutting the wedding cake, which traditionally has been done by the bride and groom together, symbolizing the joining of their lives and their lasting commitment to one another. 

Over the years, wedding cakes have continued to become more elegant, taking on all kinds of shapes. Believe it or not, it’s the cake topper that’s also giving couples opportunities to find unique ways to express themselves.

What are Unique Cake Topper Ideas?

Your tiered dessert doesn’t have to be standard in any way — it can truly be the showpiece of your wedding celebration. Once you’ve got a wedding cake that you’re truly proud of, you want to be certain it’s properly positioned front and center for not just the cake cutting — but for the all-important photo ops. 

For a long time, the choice of a wedding cake topper was usually one and the same: bride and groom figurines, with perhaps only the hair color differentiating them. 

Today, wedding cake toppers are getting a lot more thought and consideration. Some people now aim for super cute, some for funny, some for nostalgic or vintage looks. Whatever the case is, this has become a minor obsession for some couples planning their wedding, particularly if they attended a friend or relative’s wedding recently and were wowed by their wedding topper. Whatever they decide on can become a specific way to commemorate their wedding theme and that special moment in time.

Wedding cake toppers have also become a popular and diverse industry, with the makers letting couples select everything from skin color to hair color, dress color and even add some tattoos onto their figurines.  There are dessert decorations today that fit every style and taste, ranging from modern to traditional. Here are some creative ideas that go far beyond just figurines:

Adorable Animals

Animals — whether it’s popular domestic pets like cats and dogs or more exotic selections — are always a fun choice, and there’s no limit to the options you have when looking to the animal world for inspiration. Foxes. Mascots. Llamas. Flamingos. Penguins. So many different animals to pick from, all of them providing a warm and fuzzy buzz to your ceremony.

Song Lyrics

Couples have favorite songs that speak to how they met, the day they became engaged, or that seem to speak directly to the passion they feel for one another. Another popular cake topper choice is song lyrics that speak directly to who you are as a couple, and what your abiding love is all about.

Flower Arches

Flowers are an important part of the decor at any wedding, and the beauty of flowers adds an appealing touch to your wedding cake as well. With so many stunning flowers to pick from, you could go with a single choice, like roses, or a variety of mixed flowers as the topper.

And here’s a smart tip: come up with your favorite wedding cake topper early. You can pass the idea on to your caterer, who can have that in mind as he or she bakes and designs your cake.

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