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Cakes are the iconic part of many celebrations, including weddings. For the couples that want to break away from traditional wedding cakes, they aren’t set in stone. There are plenty of ways to serve a show-stopping dessert that pays homage to the custom without serving an actual cake. Over the past couple of years, the wedding industry has shaken up the tradition as more and more nontraditional desserts are taking the lead as the dessert to commemorate such wonderful days.

6 Alternative Desserts to Traditional Wedding Cakes

Ultimately, a wedding dessert is simply one of the many ways to end the big event on a sweet note, and it doesn’t need to be a three-tier wedding cake. Guests will appreciate creativity and sweetness regardless of the type of cake alternative you decide on. To help couples get their creative juices flowing, here are six creative alternative desserts that can knock the traditional wedding cake off the table. 

1. Classic Cinnamon Rolls as Your Wedding Day Classic

Classic cinnamon rolls are a popular and deeply loved dessert for a reason. Nothing says iconic like a beautiful stack of giant cinnamon rolls covered in plenty of cream cheese icing. 

2. No Sweet Tooth? What About a Cake of Cheese?

Not a cheesecake, but a cake of cheese. Not everyone has a sweet tooth, but many people love cheese. Rather than opting for a sweet dessert, going the savory route may be the alternative for you and your guests. Most have heard of a charcuterie board, but this take on cheese embraces the beauty of a stacked cake, and the cheese combined is a delight for everyone to enjoy.

3. Cake Shaped but Not Cake

While you may not love cake, the traditional cake shape is a staple. It’s possible to lean into the classic cake shape but use creative ingredients such as rice crispy treats or fruity pebbles. 

4. Doughnuts for the Win

Doughnuts are loved so much there’s a national doughnut day. They may seem like underwhelming desserts, but a stacked tower of beautifully decorated doughnuts is a sight to behold and, with the right flavors, even memorable years later. 

5. Who Doesn’t Love Waffles?

Whether you stack them up to resemble a cake or simply have perfectly cooked and brown waffles ready to go—waffles are not only a creative alternative to a cake, but are likely to be a hit among your guests. 

4. The Cake, but Not Cake Shaped

Maybe the thing you want to stay away from isn’t cake, but the shape of a traditional cake. Cake pops are a great choice that still gives you a cake but in a more creative presentation. 

5. Mini Desserts!

Mini desserts open the window to have more than just one show-stopping treat for your cake, from a cute cup with mousse to mini cupcakes. Mini desserts are a hit because they’re small and delicious. 

6. A Croquembouche

A croquembouche is a dream French dessert that is made from choux puff pastry filled with crème pâtissière that are stacked up to create an awe-inspiring tower.

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