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Many couples enjoy watching TV shows, and as dedicated fans, their wedding theme is inspired by their common interests and creative ideas. If you and your partner are looking to incorporate your favorite show into your wedding, there are many ways this can be done. Whether you’re looking for smaller details or an over-the-top resemblance to your favorite TV show, there are different ways to incorporate your ideas. Our professional team at Windows on the Water is dedicated to helping our guests plan and prepare for their special day at our central New Jersey outdoor wedding venue. No matter what your dream wedding looks like, we’re here to help you plan out the perfect day. 

Ideas for Incorporating Your Favorite TV Show Into Your Decor 

TV shows are often a great source of entertainment and inspiration. Many people have decorated and personalized their special events with TV show-themed decor and inspiration, whether for a birthday party, prom night, or even a wedding. Continue reading to discover some ideas for including your favorite show in your wedding. 

Custom Cake Design 

The easiest way to add details of your favorite show on your big day is with a customized wedding cake. You may have encountered themed birthday parties and cakes at some point. Like so, you can request a wedding cake theme for your favorite show. For example, unique TV show wedding themes include ‘The Office’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, and ‘Friends’. Customizing a cake with inspiration from a favorite show is a great way to incorporate it into your wedding day. 

Costume Attire for Your Guests 

If you’re looking for more than small details of inspiration for your TV show-themed wedding, a great way to really make your dreams come alive is by inviting your guests to dress the part for your big day. Whether you’re a ‘Downton Abbey’ or a Disney TV show fan, this is a fun way to personalize your wedding and create special memories. Invite your guests to dress in costume, or plan for photo booth props that include masks, backdrops, glasses, wigs, and other fun details that add to your theme. 

Match Your TV Show’s Color Palette 

One of the simplest ways to incorporate your favorite TV show or film into your wedding reception is by matching your wedding colors to a show’s color scheme. For example, ‘Star Wars’ fans can incorporate blues, greens, bright colors, and other galaxy-inspired hues to set the scene in their decor. If you’re looking to go back in time, a color palette inspired by ‘That 70’s Show‘ will give you the best vintage look in your wedding decor. 

Use the Branding Style of the Show 

Branding is everywhere. We see logos, ads, and other regularly broadcasted information through media, commercials, and TV shows. Your guests will easily recognize the TV show-inspired theme of your wedding when you incorporate the branding elements of a show you really enjoy. ‘Game of Thrones’ fans can easily incorporate the font of the show’s title into banners, cake toppers, photo booth props, and other unique details of their party. For ‘Friends’ lovers, wedding planners can incorporate the font, letter spacing, and colors used in the show’s branding into wedding invitations, custom signs, and other fun ideas to set the stage. 

Make a Wedding Playlist With the Show’s Theme Song 

Many people enjoy music, and your wedding is the perfect place to showcase your favorite songs. Whether you’re looking forward to being your own DJ at your wedding or want to have a band or DJ at your wedding, you can request a playlist that includes the theme song and related songs from a great show. Your guests will dance around and enjoy the uniqueness of your celebration. 

TV Show Inspired Wedding Activities 

A TV show often has particular or unique activities that characters participate in during an episode. Whether it’s sitting on Sheldon’s couch in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ or hosting an intervention for a friend on ‘How I Met Your Mother’, you can incorporate clips or scenes inspired from your favorite show into your wedding decor, activity stations, or seating arrangements. 

Wedding Menu Based on TV Shows 

Another fun way to add details of your favorite show into your wedding is by curating a menu inspired by your show’s settings, restaurants, and unique food choices. For example, ‘Gilmore Girls’ features Weston’s Bakery as a common setting, ‘Seinfeld’ has a famous episode featuring a soup stand owner, and ‘The Simpsons’ often features donuts. Adding food items from your favorite scenes or moments is a great way to create a unique experience for your guests that is inspired by your favorite TV show, and food or dessert that you enjoy. 

Have Your Themed Wedding at Our Outdoor Windows on the Water Wedding Venue in New Jersey 

Our outdoor wedding venue has helped many couples and their guests enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery for their unique and special wedding day. Regardless of what you dream of or are inspired by, our professional wedding team is here to help you prepare and host one of the greatest days of your life. Bring your unique ideas and TV show-inspired wedding decor to our beautiful venue for a day you won’t forget! Contact our office by filling out our contact form or calling (609) 208-9475 to speak to our team.