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Music choice is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding. You want to make sure you choose the option that matches the tone of your wedding and keeps your guests entertained and happy throughout the entire event. Bands and DJs are the most common options, and either one you choose will create a fun and memorable wedding day!

Whether you are hoping for a party atmosphere or a casual feel for your reception, here are a few pros and cons of bands and DJs to help you make your decision.

DJs Create Music Variety

What a lot of people love about a DJ is that they can offer a plethora of options. You will not be limited to a specific sound or genre of music. Most DJs allow you to create a list of songs that you want to play while also incorporating a variety that matches the tone of your list. Furthermore, guests have the ability to request songs throughout the night and feel as if they are in control of the fun.

DJs Offer Props & Lights

Some DJs will bring along fun party favors like noisemakers and hats that guests just love! They make for great photo opportunities and are sure to keep guests engaged throughout your reception. Furthermore, DJs offer lights to go along with their setup that bring the atmosphere of a party. This can enhance the experience of your reception and make it a true party for your loved ones.

DJs Take Up Less Space

A DJ is a great option for small venues or venues that have unique layouts. They require less setup/equipment than a band so you can offer more activities for your guests and a bigger dance floor. With this in mind, you could extend invitations to more people as well. Bands typically need a stage, lots of power, and space for their instruments and equipment. They simply require more space, but if your venue is large enough, you probably won’t even notice.

Bands Offer Personality

The fun things about choosing a band are the charisma and passion they tend to bring to the music. Because they are playing live, they have the ability to truly put on a show for your guests in a different way than a DJ can. They will also add more personality to the music as it will not be the same versions your guests hear all the time. The tunes they produce will be unique and catered to your wedding!

Which Costs Less, a Band or a DJ?

Now that you know the facts of each, let’s talk cost. Budget is key when it comes to decision making.

The short answer is that DJs tend to cost less. The price range averages between $500-$2,000 depending on the experience and professionalism of the DJ. Some DJs work weddings as side gigs when they can or want to. However, there are DJs who perform weddings and events as a full time business and will likely charge more. The cost for a DJ will also depend on any lights, props, and other services that they may offer.

Bands tend to be more expensive because they have the equipment, members, and transportation costs to consider. The more members of the band and instruments they have, the more you are going to pay. Wedding band prices average between $3,000-$10,000.

Consider Your Wedding

The most important piece of advice when making choices for your wedding is to consider that it is your wedding. You can’t compare your wedding to your friends’ or what you have seen on TV. Choose a band or DJ based on what you know that you and your loved ones will fondly remember forever. Just make sure they match the tone of your special day and bring out the best in your event!

Bands or DJs Welcome at Windows on the Water

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