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There once was a time when DJing your own wedding was considered one of the worst things you could possibly do. Not only was it considered cheap, but it was also considered the move most likely to ruin your wedding! You may have saved a few bucks, but you ran the risk of ruining the vibe of your wedding reception with lots of music stops and starts as your brother or uncle tried to keep the music flowing from a boombox, CD player, or another antiquated sound system.

While being the DJ at your own wedding used to be looked down on, that’s no longer the case. With today’s music and audio apps, electronic devices, and accessible online digital studios, being your own DJ is not only looked at as smart but also as creative. If you’re planning on DJing your own wedding, the following tips can help ensure that everyone ends up having a musical blast.

Figure Out Where Your Music Is Coming From

There are so many amazing apps, digital sound systems, and online sources that can help you program a wedding mix that will keep your guests partying on the dance floor. You can dig deep into the library of online music platforms like Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Pandora for oldies, goodies, and new discoveries from artists and musicians all over the world.

Check out the Apple Store or the Google Play Store and find out which apps will allow you to create your own playlists. Once you have these playlists in place, you can play them at different parts of your reception.

Invest in Good Equipment

Your wedding is not the time to take a chance on the portable speakers that you use at the beach or when you’re having a family barbecue. The sound system you use at your wedding will make or break your music.

You need to invest in a good sound system. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy $10,000 speakers. There are plenty of companies that will allow you to rent speaker equipment so that you can get the sound that you’re looking for. Once they show you how to set it up, the rest is pretty straightforward. You can also ask family and friends if they know anyone who has a high-end speaker system. Trust us: the speaker system that you choose will make or break your wedding. Don’t skimp.

Enlist the Services of a Trusted Friend

Everyone knows that one friend who’s good with electronic equipment. Have that person on deck on your big day to make sure that the music stays flowing. You want someone on board who you can trust to keep the music going and prevent any lulls. Many young people today are very experienced in doing excellent amateur DJ work on their computers, so you should be able to find someone in your immediate circle who can help out.

Map Out the Music for the Reception

Music is an extraordinarily powerful medium. It sets the tone for every single aspect of your life. Each segment of your reception should have its own specific playlist.

Cocktail Hour

Create a playlist for when people will be having appetizers prior to the sitdown dinner. The cocktail hour is a great time to slowly bring people into the mood of the event, so choose festive music.


Next, create some relaxing, beautiful music that will play as people are eating dinner. You want to keep the mood going, keeping it light and happy. Don’t forget to bring in music relating to your wedding theme if you have one.

First Dance and Party

The party after the sitdown dinner is the biggest event of them all, and this is where you really get to shine. Sit down with your partner and come up with a list of both of your cherished songs. Don’t forget the all important first dance song.

By carefully mapping out and timing the music for each section of your reception, you’ll allow the music to keep playing non-stop, keeping your guests happy.

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