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Wedding planning is a necessary step in creating your perfect day that starts the newest phase of your life. Surprisingly, some couples don’t ever consider the assistance of a professional wedding planner and miss out on the invaluable help that comes from this service. Planners save you time, money, and a lot of aggravation by representing your interests in everything from vendor selection to finding a venue that can meet your event needs.

If you’re not sure if you need a wedding planner, one way to determine that is to consider what you need help with, the time you have available to work on your nuptials, and if your support network of family and friends can contribute their own time and assistance. Maybe you have a plan, but no time to execute the details to pull it all together, this is just one of many ways a wedding planner could help you.

Situations Wedding Planners Are Perfect For

The hardest part about preparing for your wedding day are the numerous little details you have to pull together in order to create a smooth experience. Wedding planners work with you from the very beginning to help you navigate and think ahead about how your choices will fit together. Your planner will also have invaluable advice regarding dress choices, vendors, meal planning, and more! Consider some of the situations below where you may need additional help while trying to create your big event:

  • You haven’t started your wedding checklist and are behind
  • Your work schedule makes it impossible to meet with vendors
  • You don’t have additional family or friends to assist you
  • Personal conflicts between other family members interfere with your planning decisions
  • You hate planning anything
  • You are on a tight timeline
  • You know what kind of wedding you want to create, but have no idea where to start
  • You are overwhelmed and stressed about your wedding plans

All these circumstances create a good case for hiring a wedding planner to assist you. The benefits often outweigh the cost involved and add a level of professionalism you might not find if you asked a close relative for help.

Wedding Planners Have Connections

When deciding to employ professional planning services, there are more benefits than just minimizing stress and getting helpful advice. Even though you do pay for a planner’s services, you get their inside connections with partnered vendors, which could save you money. This firsthand business relationship can help you avoid choosing unreliable suppliers, which is another cost-effective perk of hiring a wedding planner.

What Your Planner Does for You

Overall, planners and their services involve taking care of events leading up to, on the day of, and after your marriage ceremony. The scope of their expertise and training covers the tiniest of details and an experienced planner brings a breadth of knowledge about the wedding industry that helps you avoid pitfalls that can cost a lot of money. Some typical situations that you can expect help with include:

  • Engagement/Wedding photos
  • Floral arrangements
  • Wedding theme and color scheme
  • DJ bookings and music playlist
  • Catering for rehearsal dinners and receptions
  • Creating a wedding budget
  • Sourcing vendors and suppliers
  • Invitation design and RSVP management
  • Honeymoon planning and booking

It’s vital not to underestimate the value of money well spent when hiring a wedding planner to assist you with your matrimonial plans. Consider speaking with friends and family who have booked a wedding planner for their wedding; you may receive a recommendation for a local planner.

Hire Experienced New Jersey Wedding Planners

With breathtaking lakefront backdrops and premier venue amenities, many couples turn to Windows on the Water for their planned wedding. Our team of senior wedding planners assists you throughout the entire process of setting up our venue to create the ceremony and reception of your dreams. From menu creation to carefully planning the use of our event space, we can offer you seating recommendations and insight into how to best utilize our facilities for your most special day. Contact us today at (609) 795-5852 to receive our Windows Wedding Packet that contains menus, pricing, photos and additional amenities and services that are available.