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Gone are the days when the only options for serving wedding food was either a sit-down dinner or a buffet line. While both options are still quite popular, there are a few other choices the bride and groom should consider. Let’s look at six ways you can have food served to your guests at your wedding reception.

Plated, Sit-Down Dinner

A plated sit-down dinner is the classic choice of many. Guests are seated and served three or four courses of plated food. Most caterers offer two or three entree options that the couple selects beforehand. Couples opting for a formal wedding often prefer this option. It’s more labor intensive, which increases staffing costs.

Buffet Line

A traditional buffet has been the informal wedding go-to serving option. With all the dinner options presented on a long table, servers become available to serve guests as they go through the line. It’s less labor intensive than the plated dinner. It takes time for all the guests to get through the line, so you may want to consider spacing out the buffet tables adequately.

Food Stations

Food stations are a variant of the buffet style. Instead of having all the food in a single line, position stations around the reception space. This allows guests to get food quickly at each station. Chefs are cooking food to order and operating their stations. One of the few downsides is that you need a reception large enough to accommodate the different stations.

Family-Style Food Service

Family style service is a variant of the sit-down plated dinner. Instead of serving each guest a plated dinner, the servers bring out platters of each food and guests help themselves family style. This allows guests to size their portions easily. You will need plenty of table space for this serving option.

Cocktail Hour

With a cocktail style service, guests get an array of hors-d’oeuvres and small-bite foods, usually with both hot and cold options available. The food can be passed through the crowd by servers or put out on tables for guests to browse at their leisure.

Food Trucks

For something entirely out of the traditional realm, food trucks at weddings have recently become a popular choice, especially for outdoor receptions. You can get one truck or a variety of cuisines. The only downside is that the venue must have an outdoor space for the vehicles to park.

Finding the Best Local Culinary Team

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