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A wedding is likely one of the biggest parties you will throw in your lifetime, making the menu at this affair something you and your guests will remember for the rest of your days. Food plays an important role in bringing people together during special occasions, so your wedding menu should consist of something special and delicious that reflects your union.

Of course, preparing a menu for a celebration like a wedding can sometimes stump a couple. You want to make sure you serve food you enjoy but must also take into consideration your various guests. It’s also vital to consider allergies and dietary restrictions when you’re serving people of all backgrounds. Here are three ways you can simplify the process and choose a wedding menu that will make you and your party-goers happy.

Nail Down the Specifics

The first thing you should do is start making a list of what kinds of courses you’d like to serve. Decide whether you will have a cocktail hour where you’ll serve appetizers before the actual reception. Many couples like to ask the vendor for different types of food so that all their guests can enjoy different snacks and appetizers before the actual dinner.

For example, you can set up food stations that serve dishes from different cuisines or something special from your cultural background. You may also decide on a signature drink for the occasion. After that, decide on the type of food you’d like to serve for dinner. You can choose your favorite things to eat or go for classic favorites if you think that would better suit your guest list.

Add Personal Touches

While you want to go for regular favorites that please a crowd, the best way to make an unforgettable wedding menu is to put personal touches on it. There’s a variety of ways to do this. Some couples choose dishes from their first date while others go for their favorite upscale meals.

You and your partner might also select meals based on staple proteins like chicken and fish, then dressing it up with seasonal or local ingredients — a unique touch for destination weddings. A caterer can assist with ideas for a unique plate design or recreate dishes from a trip you took together. At the end of the day, you should have food that speaks to your personality as a duo.

Contact a Professional Wedding Venue in New Jersey

Most venues have culinary teams that are adept at dealing with weddings of any size. At Windows on the Water at Frogbridge in Central New Jersey, you’ll get a beautiful background and a variety of spaces to host receptions, along with an incredible culinary team that can create personalized dishes and advise you on your menu planning. Call (609) 208-9475 and speak to our wedding planner about creating a menu that your friends and family will never stop talking about. You may also complete our contact form for a quote.