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As the season brings us warmer days with bright, vibrant colors, outdoor weddings are in bloom again. Nature has her way of offering beauty and elegance for a theme, creating the perfect scene and great images. When using the great outdoors to stage your wedding, it’s pertinent to consider the variety of styles it offers. Be inspired by these unique and versatile outdoor wedding themes that suit just about any bridal style.

Southwest Desert

When choosing the desert as the backdrop of your wedding, incorporate pieces from the surroundings to create a makeshift altar. The grandeur of your environment is likely the reason you chose the destination, so make accent pieces simple to avoid obstructing the view. No matter the park you decide on for this stunning theme, your backdrop will have a beautiful and unrefined appearance with the stretch of rugged earth to frame the ceremony. Succulents, pampas grass, and other unique desert plants with longhorn accent pieces can complement this theme seamlessly.  

Chic Estate

Estate weddings are mostly held in an extravagant courtyard or across long stretches of lawn. They have a European vibe with a neutral palette of whites and beige linen to compliment the white blooms and lush greenery that surrounds the venue. Twinkling string lights strung overhead, is a stunning way to complete this refined and elegant look.

Rustic Vineyard

Vineyards are often stunning on their own, so this offers the chance for a minimalist vibe. Wine barrel aisle markers topped with overflowing foliage and blooms is a beautiful choice when decorating. Having fewer decorations will allow the rustic beauty to shine through best. The most prominent addition to the simplistic vibe will be the bride and groom at the altar.

Modern Tropic

Seashells by the seashore is an overdone theme for beach weddings. Stand out with your beach wedding and go for a more tropical style. Think palm trees, leaf prints, pineapples — all the things that make you think of being in warm weather with the smell of fruits in the air. You can accomplish this theme with a cabana look-alike and give it a tropical oasis feel by adding white light linens and throw pillows.

Whimsical Garden

Springtime makes dreams of delicate garden weddings come true. You can find green and flowery environments to frame your special day with all the splendor of Spring. Festoon crawling lines, blooms, and foliage can create a romantic, airy scenery for your vows.

Unique Outdoor Venue in Central Jersey

If you’re looking in Central Jersey for scenic locations, consider lush green lawns, bold, romantic flowers with calming lakeside views. Windows on the Water at Frogbridge captures the delicate beauty of Central Jersey, and we are prepared to make your outdoor wedding a day romantic and perfect as we’ve done for others. We also offer quality tents and a highly-trained culinary team that will create your menu catered to your desires. Contact us today at (609) 208-9475 and let us be a part of the wedding you see in your dreams.