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A wedding is often one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life. Getting married opens the door for a whole new life, which is why it is such a special occasion. Most couples have a preference for when they’d like to get married, which typically depends on the local weather at that particular time of year.

Whether you choose to get married in spring, fall, summer, or winter, the following tips will come in handy if you plan on taking outdoor wedding photos.

Create an Emergency Survival Kit

Weddings are notorious for not running as smoothly as couples may hope. Every party experiences some mishap or disaster, no matter the season. These events can be destructive on the day of the wedding, but often become funny stories in the future. Things like spilling a drink onto your wedding attire, having your hair blown by the wind, or even your dress tearing at the seams can present an urgent situation. A great way to handle unforeseen disasters is with an emergency survival kit.

A wedding survival kit may include a sewing kit, bandages, superglue, hairspray, makeup for corrections, stain remover, and even dental floss for flawless teeth. Assign a friend the responsibility of storing these items near you at all times. These kits are essential for any outdoor wedding photography session and should be prepared beforehand.

Decide on Picture Locations Before the Ceremony

Timing is a critical component when keeping a ceremony running smoothly. Unfortunately, pictures often disrupt the cadence of a wedding. Because photos are a vital part of the celebration, couples usually allow this part to cause delays. Instead of wasting time trying to find good picture locations, choose these spots well in advance. This can significantly reduce the time needed to take photos, which you will be thankful for in frigid or hot temperatures.

Prepare for the Elements

Outdoor weddings are tricky because there’s no way of knowing what the weather will be like beforehand or controlling the weather the day of the event. A random thunderstorm or large gust of wind has the potential to ruin an entire wedding. An unexpected snow storm can cause even more delays. Couples must prepare as much as possible for the elements. Heaters can be placed throughout the venue to keep everyone warm in the winter, while open-air tents can be set up in the summer. Umbrellas and easy access to shelter may also be necessary during the rainy season.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Lighting is a crucial component of creating stunning wedding photos. The sun shifts throughout the day, which is why it’s crucial to decide what type of natural light you want in your wedding photos before the wedding day. There is usually plenty of natural sunlight in the early afternoon. The time of the ceremony should be decided while taking photography into consideration. As the sun moves, it casts light at different angles, which may present a problem for photographers. Getting the right angle and timing can mean the difference between a bad and excellent photo.

Find the Right Venue in Central New Jersey

When searching for a wedding venue in Central New Jersey, be sure to book a venue that can cater to your needs should inclement weather arise while providing a great backdrop for your wedding pictures.

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