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Congratulations, you have been asked to be Maid of Honor! Whether the bride is your sister, cousin, best friend, or anyone else, this can be a wonderful experience. Many factors can contribute to the duties of a maid of honor: the size and type of wedding, the bride’s personality and expectations, other members of the bridal party, and countless other details. Remember, there are no “rules” to your role as maid of honor, but there are several general guidelines.

Helping the Bride Plan

The maid of honor typically helps the bride with wedding planning. The major items they must decide upon and book include:

  • Wedding date and time
  • Venue
  • Decorations
  • Catering
  • Invitations
  • Cake
  • Flowers
  • Photographer
  • Reception entertainment

Some brides can quickly become overwhelmed and stressed by all the work that goes into planning the perfect wedding, and this is where you can shine as her number one assistant, organizer, and cheerleader. The bride will likely involve her family and her partner in some of the decision-making but will probably need your help more than anyone else.

One of the best parts of being maid of honor is helping the bride choose her wedding dress in addition to the dresses for the bridesmaids. These shopping trips can be extraordinary bonding occasions, especially if members of the wedding party don’t know each other well.

Hosting a Bridal Shower

Virtually anyone can organize bridal showers, but tradition holds that the maid of honor and bridesmaids at least attend these parties, if not host. Ask the bride what type of bachelorette party she wants, or if she even wants one. Great ideas for a fun and successful bachelorette party include wine tastings, a spa day, or a weekend get-away. Be respectful of everyone’s budget and make sure there are events that everyone can afford.

The maid of honor has the privilege of making a toast or speech at the reception. Keep it simple and from the heart; the bride chose YOU to be a big part of her special day, and now is the time to celebrate the happy couple. To be an excellent maid of honor the best tip is always to keep your line of communication open with the bride. Weddings are a time to express love, joy, and friendship.

Hosting Bridal Events at Windows on the Water

If you’re looking for the perfect place to hold a bridal shower or bachelorette party, or your bride still hasn’t made up her mind on a venue, contact Windows on the Water at Frogbridge today. Our space includes a spectacular outdoor area complete with lake views, high-quality tents, and ample rooms so that the entire wedding party can enjoy themselves. Call our wedding planner at (609) 208-9475 for help creating a spectacular party no one will ever forget.