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A bridal shower is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate any bride’s upcoming nuptials. Throwing a great bridal shower is effortless if you take a few simple steps to research and prepare for this occasion. Choosing an ace location and the right time is essential. It’s also important to make sure to plan far in advance, so that all guests have enough time to make sure they can come. A well-planned shower is a joyous opportunity to celebrate such a moving event with close friends and family.

Paying for the Shower

Most commonly, the bride can expect the maid of honor to throw the shower. There’s no reacalll rule on this. People can choose to handle it in any way that’s convenient for them. A maid of honor may assume much of the party costs. In other cases, everyone chips in to give the bride a good time. Or, the entire bridal party may choose to split the price of the bash between themselves. No one should rack up credit card bills, so it’s a good idea to agree on a plan that everyone is comfortable with; however, the main idea is that the bride shouldn’t fund this event.

Who to Invite and When?

A bridal shower can be held just about any time, from the first day of the engagement to the day before the wedding. Most people choose a day that allows enough time to enjoy both occasions. Roughly four to eight weeks before the wedding date is quite common. The party planner can get a guest list by asking people close to the bride who should attend. Ideally, all members of the wedding party should be on that list.

Bridal showers are traditionally all-female events. These days, some people choose to throw Jack and Jill showers for both the bride and groom, which is a great concept for those who have a variety of friends, both male and female. With a Jack and Jill shower, no one feels left out.

Choosing the Location

The bridal shower can take place just about anywhere. Many of these receptions happen right in the bride’s home since it’s easier to surprise her. The bride-to-be can walk through the door and instantly get excited when she sees what’s going on. Unfortunately, this idea is only suitable if you have a handful of guests.

Many hosts find that it’s best to rent a space if they plan to have a significant number of guests. Places that offer lots of other activities can be ideal. For example, a shower at an adult arcade or a painting class is one way to bring home a special memory of the blowout and have lots of casual fun at the same time. 

Beautiful Bridal Shower Venues in Central New Jersey

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