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If you’re expecting young kids and children guests at your wedding, you may be stressing over what to add to your menu without clashing with the wedding’s elegance. After all, kids can be picky at times, and they may not like everything you’ve picked out on your wedding day menu for adult guests. However, you’ll be surprised to see there are a few ways to merge a kid-friendly menu with an elegant wedding. 

Windows on the Water has helped many couples plan and prepare for a perfect wedding day at our outdoor New Jersey wedding venue. We’re readily available to plan and execute what’s needed for your big day according to your chosen wedding day package. Continue reading to discover more about how to have a child-friendly wedding menu that doesn’t sacrifice the elegance you’re aiming for. 

Child-Friendly Wedding Menu Ideas That Won’t Clash With Your Elegant Wedding 

While you are contemplating how to choose your wedding menu, you’ll want to set aside some options for your younger guests that’ll be awaiting a kid-friendly menu. For an elegant event with a unique wedding menu, you may want to consider these child-friendly ideas to accommodate all of your guests. 

1. Add Decadent Finger Foods to Your Buffet Style Table 

Buffet-style tables are a great way to share food among your guests and offer easy access to food at your reception. They may find it challenging to sit and eat food that requires utensils for little ones. So, incorporating decadent finger food into your food offering is an easy solution. 

Decadent finger food options for small children at your wedding might include: 

  • Fried mac and cheese lollipops 
  • Flatbread and cheese bites 
  • Bite-sized meatballs with fork pins 
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches cut into unique shapes 
  • Small fruit or veggie skewers 
  • Different mini sandwiches cut into bite sizes 
  • Sweet potato slices 
  • Veggie spring rolls or wraps 

Different snacks and food options can be assorted elegantly and cut or organized into small and digestible options. Depending on the style and theme of your wedding, you can customize your less fancy food options and level them up with unique shapes, flavors, and arrangements. 

2. Plan Packaged Snacks and Individualized Platters 

Many kids have allergies and certain food restrictions to be aware of in today’s world. A unique solution to this is to have pre-packaged and individualized platters prepared for the little ones at your wedding. Not only do pre-packaged snacks and platters offer something for every child to look forward to when eating at your reception, but you can also take the stress off your shoulders knowing that all of your guests are taken care of without taking away from other food options or your wedding decor. 

3. Include Low-Sugar, Low-Mess Dessert Options 

Most people look forward to dessert, cake, and other foods at a wedding. Kids are no exception, especially when it comes to dessert options. However, tiny fingers can get messy quickly at weddings. Low-sugar and less messy dessert offerings are a great way to maintain elegance on your wedding day. Different types of treats and desserts such as bite-sized cookies, low-calorie macaroons, chocolate-covered strawberries, mini cupcakes, cotton candy, or marshmallow bites are a fun way to incorporate a low-sugar and kid-friendly dessert menu. 

4. Kid-Friendly Drinks and Beverage Ideas for Your Menu

When it comes to children’s beverages and drinks, juice boxes and sippy cups may be the way to go in everyday life. However, you may be wondering what you can offer little ones at your wedding to help them enjoy their beverage without the risk of spilling or breaking glass while they enjoy themselves. 

Kid-friendly drinks and beverage ideas include: 

  • Flavored water
  • Sparkling water
  • Sodas
  • Flavored juices

An easy solution for this is to set aside reusable cups with a secure cap that matches your wedding’s style. Having a straw to sip on and a labeled cup for each child helps refrain from mixing, losing, or spilling anything they drink. Fruit juices, water, and sodas are often favored options amongst kids. Keeping their cups and drinks secure adds a unique touch that is kid-friendly and even gives them a reusable keepsake. 

5. Set Faux and Classy Dinnerware Aside for Little Ones at Your Reception

If you are concerned about small details in your elegant wedding setup and other aspects of your reception that you want to remain perfect for pictures and the experience, a great way to protect the image is to use faux-yet-classy dinnerware. While real glasses and silverware are used in elegant events, choosing a more kid-friendly option that still matches your event will keep your mind at ease. 

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