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Hashtags are a great way to track your wedding-related conversations on social media and organize all of the photos taken by your friends and family during the big day. By creating a unique hashtag for your wedding, you can easily search for all the related posts and photos in one place. They are also a fun way to encourage your guests to post about your wedding on social media. 

With a few simple steps and ideas, you can easily encourage your guests to use your unique wedding hashtag and keep track of every special moment. From signage around the venue to personalized favors, there are plenty of ways to ensure that everyone is using the same hashtag when they post photos on social media.

1. Include Your Hashtag on all Wedding Materials 

When planning your wedding, one important detail to remember is to include your wedding hashtag on all materials, including your wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, website, social media accounts, and any other communication related to your special day. 

Make sure you also use the hashtag yourself when posting about the event. Doing this will not only help build anticipation for your special day, but it will also make it easier for guests to find all of the wonderful photos they take during the celebrations.

2. Create a Fun Hashtag That is Both Easy to Remember and Unique

An effective hashtag should be easy to remember and not overly complicated or long. A creative way to come up with an original hashtag is to combine the couple’s names or initials, such as #JohnAndJane2023. Alternatively, you could use something related to the wedding theme, like #LoveAtFirstSight2023 or #TheSmithsSayIDo. Whichever hashtag you choose, make sure it’s memorable and relevant so your guests can easily find it when they take photos or post on social media.

3. Place Signage and Reminders in Strategic Locations Around Your Venue

Place signage and reminders in strategic locations around your venue to encourage guests to use the wedding hashtag. Ensure that these are placed in highly visible spots such as entrance doors, near restrooms or the bar area, or even on the tables. This way, guests can be reminded throughout the night of your unique hashtag and will be encouraged to share photos and posts about your special day.

These signs should also include instructions on how to use the hashtag for those who may not know. Some older guests or those that are less tech-savvy may not have used a hashtag before. For this reason, it is important to have clear instructions.

4. Create an Instagram Frame or Photo Booth Backdrop 

Creating an Instagram frame or photo booth backdrop with a wedding hashtag printed on it is a great way to encourage guests at the wedding to get involved with sharing photos and videos of the event. It’s also a great way to create some fun memories for your guests, who can use the hashtag to easily find all the posts related to your big day. 

You should also include any other relevant information on the frame or backdrop, such as your names as a couple and the date of the wedding. By doing this, you will help ensure that all of the pictures and videos shared from your special day are easily found and enjoyed by everyone.

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