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It’s one of the most cherished, highly-anticipated, and memorable days of your life, which means that every last detail needs to go off without a hitch. Truly, planning a wedding is no small feat; from the venue to the theme, the seating to the decorations, there are a million tiny details that are going to make your day unique and unforgettable.

 And something else you can expect in our digital age: there will be a cell phone in every guest’s hand, so if you’ve invited more than a hundred guests, there will be a similar number of smartphones at the ceremony. That means there will also be potentially thousands of photos of your wedding to keep those memories alive for generations. And now, thanks to social media, not only can your memories live on for your loved ones to see, but you also get the distinct pleasure of sharing your day with the world. So how can you create a photo-worthy celebration that inspires awe from all who see it? Let’s take a look. 

Choose a Stunning Venue for Your Wedding

If you want a visually appealing setting for your wedding, selecting the right venue will be critical. Get creative! If you enjoy the open air and natural beauty of an outdoor wedding venue, complete with a glistening lake, manicured grounds, and majestic trees flanking your ceremony, you have an option like Windows On The Water at Frogbridge. It’s definitely a location that can provide a visually appealing backdrop for your ceremony. 

Create an Appealing Color Scheme at Your Wedding

Because you’ll be documenting every moment of your special day, selecting the right color scheme is critical — and that doesn’t always have to mean pastels! Choose any colors that complement one another, but take care to ensure they won’t steal the show in all your photos. It’s perfectly fine to choose bright, bold colors, but if they’re too loud, they can take the focus away from what matters most — you and your guests. When formulating your color scheme, keep your proposed venue in mind. You certainly don’t want your colors clashing with the existing design and color scheme of your venue! Consider selecting colors that complement the space where your ceremony will take place.  

How to Become a Foodie At Your Wedding

Even if you’re not normally a foodie, you might want to be a foodie when you plan your wedding. Food is highly customizable, and it’s the perfect opportunity to let your creative juices flow. Your guests will certainly appreciate the effort as well! From creative hors d’oeuvres and meticulously crafted cocktails to mouthwatering multiple course meals, you can work with your chef to develop a stunning menu. Whether you prefer a farm to table menu or a more eclectic combination of flavors and presentation, the sky is truly the limit here. Just remember: The camera always eats first! 

Don’t Forget Lots of Wedding Decorations!

Don’t limit your imagination here! Your wedding decorations are what truly bring your vision to life, so it’s best to pick a theme and stick with it. Even if you’ve already chosen a location, your decorations can take your venue from drab — to dazzling. Keep in mind that decorations don’t have to mean copious bouquets, chiffon or flower-lined aisles. While flowers are certainly lovely and add a special touch to your day, you can also choose unconventional items that incorporate your unique style and taste. Don’t think you have to go traditional here — you can always work with your wedding planner to choose the things that make your special day uniquely you!  

Meticulous Central Jersey Wedding & Events Center

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