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At every wedding, there’s at least one person who has dietary or allergy restrictions. Every engaged couple wants to accommodate their guests and meet any needed special considerations so no one feels left out. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to create a diet menu that addresses dietary limits while still offering a wide range of delectable options for everyone else.  


Mark Restricted or Designated Foods on Your Buffet  

A buffet-style dinner is one of the most popular ways to feed wedding guests after a ceremony. Not only does it give you a wide variety of menu options, but you can label everything clearly so your diet and allergy sensitive guests can avoid those foods. Your caterer can assist with this step by using specific wording and even preventing cross-contamination from other foods.

Typical keyword phrases marked on dishes for those who have sensitivities include:

  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Nut-free
  • Lactose-free

You could even consider creating a secondary buffet area to offer these dishes apart from the rest or serve special needs guests first.

Ask About Restrictions on Your RSVP Cards 

When you design your RSVP cards, consider leaving a small space at the bottom with a quick note about sharing food restrictions and allergies. This removes all of the guesswork from your menu planning and makes it easier to craft an inclusive menu. Your caterer will surely appreciate as much advance notice as possible, so they have time to source any food supplies needed to accommodate guests. You could even send out a dinner plan with all the listed ingredients in an email or post it on your wedding site.

Let Your Caterer Know About Diet and Allergies Needs

Food allergies and diet restrictions are part of the job for most caterers, so don’t hesitate to bring up this subject ahead of time. Take your time and learn what menu items are already available to meet this need and decide if these options would fit with your menu plan. Experienced caterers should have experience safely preparing these foods but speak with everyone involved if using multiple vendors. 

Let Your Guest Share Their Diet Needs with the Caterer

On occasion, letting your wedding guests with special dietary needs and allergies speak directly with the caterer is extremely helpful. This puts your guest in charge of their own meal needs, and you can focus on other important planning details. 

For dietary preferences and not actual restrictions, such as those who don’t consume gluten, you might consider using a baker who can prepare desserts with or without certain ingredients. Many times you will have a larger number of guests with food ingredient preferences, so it’s a wise choice to create a diverse menu to accommodate them. 

Use Allergy and Diet Restriction Coding on Seating Cards

If you plan to host a more formal seated dinner arrangement, you probably already outlined some of the seating for your closest family and guests. Take it a step further and place specially coded cards at designated seats for those with allergies and diet restrictions. This will keep the importance of guest safety at the forefront of the caterer’s mind and demonstrate your care and love for everyone attending your wedding celebration. 

Central Jersey Venues Offering Catering

Creating the perfect wedding menu is a crucial part of your big day, but remember that you can only plan for what you know. If a guest didn’t communicate about an allergy to peanut butter or a preference for vegan food, don’t feel bad. You have a lot of stress on your shoulders already, and by following these tips, you’ve done your best to accommodate any special needs that you may not have even known about.

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