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One of the most notable highlights of your wedding is your gorgeous wedding gown. It reflects your style, personality, and the essence of the love shared with your partner. Preserving your wedding gown is a way to safeguard those precious memories and honor the importance of your special day. Besides, you may want to pass it on to someone special in the future. 

When you get to pass down your dress, you want it to still be in a pristine condition. But how do you preserve your wedding gown so it stays clean and pristine? Windows on the Water is here to help ensure your dress remains a treasured keepsake for generations to come. 

How to Preserve Your Wedding Gown

A few ways to help make sure that your wedding gown is perfect for years to come include:

1. Address the Invisible Stains Through Professional Cleaning

To preserve your wedding gown, you need to address both visible and invisible stains. Surprisingly, the most perilous spills are the ones you cannot see. Substances like white wine can dry clear, leaving behind latent stains that contain sugar. Over time, these stains can caramelize into dark brown stains that regular dry cleaning methods may struggle to remove.

That calls for you to entrust your gown to professional cleaners. These experts can detect and treat even unseen stains. Professional cleaners will carefully assess your gown, identifying and formulating a specific treatment plan for each type of stain. 

2. Adhere to Cleaning Instructions on the Dress Label 

While cleaning is the initial step in wedding gown preservation, pay attention to the instructions provided on the dress label. These directions may specify certain dry cleaning methods, such as “Dry Clean Only With Petroleum Solvent.” Ensure you heed these instructions and choose a dry cleaner with the appropriate cleaning solutions for your gown’s specific requirements.

Remember, timing is everything. The sooner you take your dress to the dry cleaner, the better. Waiting weeks after your wedding may allow stains to set in more deeply, making them harder to remove. To prevent this, arrange to have your dress cleaned the day after your reception. If you’re heading off on your honeymoon, delegate the task to a trusted bridesmaid, family member, or friend.

3. Store the Dress in an Airtight Box

Once your wedding gown has been meticulously cleaned, the next step is proper storage. A preserved gown should be stored in an airtight box. Usually, the oxygen in this storage compartment has been replaced with nitrogen. This technique aims to hinder oxidation, which can cause aging and discoloration over time. It is highly recommended not to break the seal of the preservation box. But if you must open it, make sure a professional reseals it.

When selecting a storage location, opt for a cool, dark place. Direct sunlight can fade and yellow the fabric, compromising the gown’s appearance. Also, avoid keeping your dress on a hanger for extended periods. The weight of heavy dresses may cause misshaping. While regular plastic bags should be avoided due to moisture retention, professional wedding preservation boxes made from acid-free plastic offer a safe option. Alternatively, consider a wedding chest, which provides breathable storage while protecting the gown from air and light.

4. Use White Gloves When Handling the Dress

Handling your wedding dress with care extends beyond the cleaning and preservation process. To ensure its pristine condition, handle it with white cotton gloves. This extra precaution helps prevent fingerprints and marks that may inadvertently transfer to the fabric. Wearing gloves helps maintain the dress’s integrity before and after it has been dry-cleaned.

When storing your wedding dress, keep it separate from other accessories. Different materials used in accessories can potentially conflict with the gown and impact its preservation. Nonetheless, these items have sentimental value which needs to be preserved as well.

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