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Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect. From the flowers to the dress to the food being served, most brides have a clear vision of what they want the day to look like. Even if they don’t have a clear vision, they want to make sure that their day is perfect, or as perfect as can be. One of the most important parts of the day is the wedding dress, and many brides may be confused when it comes to choosing a wedding dress based on their specific venue.

One of the most important reasons that you want your dress to match the venue is because doing so will make it look like the dress was made for the space. You chose your venue because there was something about it that made it perfect for your special day. What better way to continue that perfection than by choosing a dress that fits the space as well as it fits you. Here are some tips to help ensure that you pick the best dress according to your wedding venue.

Go For Stylish Yet Comfortable for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are held in sunny, warm, and possibly humid locales. While you may envision a sunlit day, keep in mind that island or beach destinations are known for having unpredictable weather, so you’ll want to choose the right dress. Your dress should be made of fabric that is light enough to protect you from heat and humidity.

Billowy, light fabric like chiffon can help keep you cool on humid days but still provide a beautiful shape. You’ll also want something that rests comfortably above the ankles so that you can walk freely. Many brides who have beach weddings don’t wear shoes, so they choose dresses that are high enough above the ankle to prevent them from tripping.

Dial up the Glam for a Castle or Mansion Wedding

Many people dream of having a wedding fit for a princess. They opt for venues like old castles, gorgeous historic mansions, or other types of grand venues. This is the type of venue where you can go all out. If you’ve been dreaming of that dress that would rival any European royal’s upcoming nuptials, go for it.

Think grand when it comes to the dress. A bejeweled dress with layers of silk embroidery and lace could easily hold its own in this type of space. Your idea of grand may be an elaborate ball gown. It could also be something very chic and couture-like. The choice is yours. Remember, you want to choose a dress that stands up to and can hold its own against the grandness of your venue.

Choose Relaxed Yet Beautiful Dresses for Laid-Back Venues

For some people, the wedding is less about the dress and the decor and more about the joining of two people and two families and love. These people may decide to have a simple backyard wedding, or get married at the courthouse and meet up later for a laid-back reception at a local restaurant. If this is you, you can still choose the right dress for the venue.

This is the time when your personality and taste can really shine. If you’re someone who loves a bohemian vibe, a simple laid-back slip dress may fit the bill. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to wear your mother’s or your grandmother’s wedding dress. Go for it! It’s possible that what you have in mind doesn’t exist. Make it, or have someone else make it! Maybe there’s a dress that you saw at a local boutique or thrift shop that isn’t even white but that has an unusual color that makes you feel happy when you see it. Go for it! For laid-back venues, the wedding is less about what other people expect from your dress and more about what makes you feel comfortable. Wear whatever you want!

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