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Once you have all the details of your wedding squared away, the planning is over, right? Well, not exactly. Planning the ultimate honeymoon is an equally important part of the planning process that can often be left to the last minute. Whether you choose to leave for your honeymoon the day after your wedding or take a trip a couple months after, it’s important to take the time to plan well in advance. You and your partner will need to discuss possible destinations and activities you would like to do on your romantic getaway. Making travel arrangements for your honeymoon ahead of time will make your trip fun and stress-free. Here are some tips for planning the best honeymoon.

Choosing a Destination

Your honeymoon destination should be a reflection of you and your partners shared values and interests. If you both value luxury and prefer trips that have endless amenities, you may choose to go to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. On the other hand, if you and your partner are people who love adventuring and are more interested in experiencing once in a lifetime activities, you may choose to go to a more remote or rustic destination. Either way, it’s important to talk with each other and land on a place you would both enjoy.

Start Your Planning Early

In general, it’s best to plan your honeymoon 6-9 months ahead of your departure. However, this could vary depending on the time of year you’re planning on taking your trip. Many people choose to get married in the summer and take a honeymoon after their wedding, which usually corresponds with peak travel season. If this is you, you’ll definitely want to start planning your vacation early to make sure you can do all the activities you want to. Another option is to book your honeymoon in the off-season. This could end up saving you money and provide you more flexibility with planning.

Design Your Itinerary

Most people don’t want to plan their vacations down to the minute. However, it’s a good idea to block out time for the activities and experiences you want for your trip. While it can seem overwhelming to design a honeymoon itinerary after planning all the small details of your wedding ceremony and reception, carving out time on your honeymoon for some adventurous activities or relaxing indulgences is the best way to ensure you make the most of your trip. It can also be a sweet romantic gesture to plan some fun surprises for your partner, such as a couple’s massage.

Consider Using a Travel Agent

One way to eliminate the stress of planning a honeymoon is to hire a travel agent. A good travel agent can advise you on all the best places to stay and various deals available. They can also help plan all the details of the activities on your trip that will make it truly memorable.

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