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If you’re feeling anxious about your upcoming wedding day, know you’re not alone. Many brides feel overwhelmed and nervous in the weeks leading up to their big day. This is entirely normal, and many brides experience different emotions before walking down the aisle. At Windows on the Water, we see thousands of beautiful weddings regularly. Despite the anxiety leading to the big day, there are always joyous moments that distract brides and grooms from stress, and there are different ways to handle the wedding day jitters.

Making a Game Plan For an Anxiety-Free Ceremony

Every bride has experienced a whirlwind of emotions before their big day. With such an important milestone in their life, it’s understandable that every bride and groom wants perfection on their big day. All the excitement and preparation build up can lead to anxiety when it’s time to walk down the aisle. Here are five ways to lessen the stress you may feel on your wedding day.

1. Take Some Time for Yourself before the Wedding to Relax and Center Yourself

A wedding requires preparation, timing, and making tons of decisions. By the time you get to your wedding day, you may feel exhausted from all the hard work you’ve put in. Plan to take a day or two to relax and center yourself before the wedding ceremony. You don’t want to lose sleep and skip meals trying to make sure your entire day is perfect! Have a team that helps you plan and gives you the freedom to relax and unwind before your celebration.

2. Make a List of Things That Make You Happy, and Focus On Those Things on Your Wedding Day

When you wake up on your big day, you may have many emotions and thoughts running through your mind. This can add to your anxiety and take away from the enjoyment of your celebration with your partner. Journaling your thoughts and taking time to list the things that make you happy and what you are looking forward to after checking off this milestone can help you re-focus. Writing and listing these things will make it easily accessible while preparing to walk down the aisle.

3. Delegate Tasks to Your Bridal Party and Close Friends So That You Can Enjoy Your Day without Stress

It’s no doubt that planning an event as important as a wedding will lead to some stress. Having a reliable team of friends and family by your side gives you the support system you need to enjoy your anxiety-free celebration. At Windows on the Water, our bride and groom suites allow the bride and groom’s parties to have ample space and privacy to prepare the couple before it’s time to walk down the aisle. Your guests, closest friends, and family are an essential part of an anxiety-free event.

4. Have a Plan for If Things Go Wrong or Start Feeling Overwhelmed

Making a plan is always essential for any event. If you’re feeling anxious and worried about your big day or walking down the aisle, let your closest friends know how you are doing. Your support system can help you get through challenging moments, and they’ll understand how to support you when you express your needs. Make a plan to have a go-to person or group that will encourage you and help you. Our staff at Windows on the Water is a skilled team of professionals eager to help with your wedding day venue needs. We want to ensure everything goes as planned according to your selected wedding day package and your dream for the event.

5. Remember That It’s Your Wedding Day and It’s Meant for Beautiful Memories

Another good tip to remember is that this event is yours! A wedding day is meant to celebrate couples, have fun, and capture beautiful memories. When you’re feeling low or having anxious moments leading up to the event, remember what you are celebrating. The ultimate goal for your wedding is to experience the day with those you love.

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