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In preparation for your wedding day, you’ve probably sifted through hundreds of photos of brides, grooms, and wedding parties to gain inspiration. As these photos may have started to run together, it’s only natural to hope your wedding photos stand out from the pack. Wedding photos with a personal touch can help you accurately capture the personalities and feelings of you and your loved ones.

How Can I Make My Wedding Photos Stand Out?

Check out our tips below for unique ideas for capturing your big day. Remember, it is essential to communicate with your photographer about your vision and how to include these ideas in the timeline for your ceremony and reception.

Carry the Bride or Groom Sideways

One fun photo idea is to capture the groomsmen working together to carry the bride, or even the bridesmaids working together to carry the groom. This photo will add a little humor to your shoot and highlight the friendship and trust between the members of your wedding party. This idea also creates a unique photo composition that is bound to stand out in your wedding album.

Shoot from Behind

Photos from behind can highlight the careful planning put into dresses, tuxedos, flower arrangements, and scenic backgrounds. Have the bride and bridesmaids stand facing away from the camera holding their bouquets behind their backs. This composition works incredibly well in an outdoor setting with plenty of greenery. Have the bride look back at the camera for an additional glamorous twist.

Use Smoke Bombs

Having your wedding party hold smoke bombs high in the air during a group shot will lead to a colorful and daring final product. The swirl of vibrant colored smoke against a beautiful natural backdrop will create a fantastic photo and show how much fun you and your wedding party are having in the process. Be sure to communicate with your venue before using smoke bombs on their property.

Have an Out of Focus Shot

Posing the bride or groom in the foreground makes them the center of attention and highlights them on their special day. Pose the bridesmaids or groomsmen behind them out of focus for a unique photo. This composition lends itself to silly and serious photos, so feel free to experiment and have fun.

Take a Getting Ready Photo

A picture of the bride getting ready with her bridesmaids is a fun and playful way to break up an album filled with formal wear. This shot can be a perfect way to capture the unique personalities of the bridal party in an intimate setting. Get your bridal party matching pajamas or robes for added flair.

Capture Your Memories in a Beautiful Outdoor Setting at Windows on the Water

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