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There are probably hundreds of photos from your wedding, as there should be. All of those photos capture the beauty and emotion of one of the biggest days of your life. Thanks to technology, we now can keep all our big moments saved online through different online storage systems. Physical photos, however, have a different type of sentiment to them. Taking the time to print a selected number of photos and displaying them inside a book is a great way to relive your big day and keep it present in your home.

4 Tips to Help You Create a Memorable Wedding Photo Album

Creating a photo album for your wedding can be a fun bonding experience between you and your spouse. It can also be a great way to celebrate your new life together. Careful attention to detail can make this photo album a significant object in your home that reflects how happy you were on your wedding day. The following are four tips to help you create the perfect wedding photo album:

Look For Inspiration

Before even purchasing a photo album, do your research. Look online to see what others have done and find the style, design, and tone you like most. Carefully observe what others have done to tell a story or showcase the emotions of their big day. See how other couples experimented with form or color while printing out their photos. You should determine what creative ideas call to you and begin planning how you wish to adapt them for your photo album.

Photo Album versus Photo Book

Traditionally, a photo album consists of thick pages with photos attached via an adhesive or inserted into a slit already inside the page. These days, your photo album can also be a photo book. A photo book is a more modern take on the classic collection of photos. Instead of photos pasted onto the page, photo books come with the photos printed onto the page. The printed photo look gives off a more modern aesthetic, compared to the traditional photo album. Choosing between the two comes down to your style. Maybe a coffee-table style book will fit better with the decor of your home; however, you might prefer the traditional format of a photo album. Either way, a photo album is a sure way to get creative with preserving and displaying your photos.

Organize Your Photos

Once you have selected which format you prefer, you can start looking at the content. Before printing your photos, you should look through them on your computer or laptop and design how you want to organize them inside the physical book. Organizing is where you can start thinking of the narrative tone you want your photo album to have. Some moments you can consider highlighting include:

  • Photos with your entourage
  • The first look
  • The first kiss
  • The first dance
  • Family dances
  • The send-off

These sweet moments highlight the beauty of your big day and capture significant events. Highlight photos that capture these moments. This can help you decide how you wish to display the photos on the page. These key moments are the centerpieces, and all the other images you include will support the centerpiece of the page.

Be Creative

Now that you have your photos organized and specific photos highlighted, you can construct your photo album. Do not be afraid to get creative with it. Include handwriting by adding quotes from your loved one. You may also add quotes from the media that you and your spouse love. Scrapbooking is all about the details. Pay close attention to white space and the usage of color. You can decide to use black and white photos, colored photos, or both. Adding scraps of paper from receipts or notes from loved ones is a great way to make the page more dynamic.

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