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Your wedding cake is a centerpiece at your wedding. Even though it’s only a matter of time before it’s carved up and served to your guests, the taste has to be taken into consideration just as much as the decorations. There are a few questions to ask the person responsible for making your wedding cake.

How Many People Can This Cake Serve?

You have likely noticed that some wedding cakes are three or four tiers while others are five or six. Much of this has to do with the number of guests you plan to be in attendance at the wedding reception. Ask the advice of the cake baker to determine what size cake you need to serve your guests.

If you have a particular look you want to achieve, such as a high number of tiers, the baker might make the cake with smaller or larger layers to accomplish the look while feeding the right amount of guests. Remember, some people may help themselves to a second slice, while others will ignore the dessert altogether. You still have to make sure there’s enough cake for everyone.

Can You Accommodate Allergies?

Allergies are becoming increasingly more common. If you or a guest has a significant allergy, find out if your cake baker can work around it. Peanut allergies are serious, so you might decide to play it safe and avoid adding nuts altogether. Some couples have a high number of vegan or lactose-intolerant friends that are attending. There are options for your deserts, whatever the dietary restrictions might entail.

How Soon Should I Place the Order?

Many cake bakeries limit the number of wedding cakes that they will do for a specific date. Find out if your time is available before you get too excited about working with a particular bakery. Always give them your date first, they’ll tell you right away if they’re booked up for that time. If you’re placing calls early and trying to get a variety of estimates, make sure to ask how much time they need to prepare for your order. If you wait too long, many bakeries won’t have the ability to complete such a complex desert within the time constraints.

Are All of the Decorations Edible?

The designs used to give your cake the shape and theme that you want may be made with edible and non-edible items. You can add macarons, edible flowers, colored popcorn, and plenty of beautiful designs or toys to the cake. If you specifically want everything on the cake to be edible, be sure that you identify this to the cake baker when you place your order.

How Long Can We Store the Cake?

You may have many reasons for storing the cake. It may be to save a slice for the family member who couldn’t make it to the reception. It might also be to follow tradition by keeping the top layer for your first wedding anniversary. Not all types of cake can be frozen and held for a year or more. If you’re planning on keeping it or having it delivered before your date, make sure to ask about storage.

Since your wedding cake is such a big deal, it’s essential to give the design, flavor, and composition some real thought. Don’t hesitate to ask cake bakers as many questions as you have.

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