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Due to recent world events, many people are putting their travel plans on hold. Honeymoons are included on that list. Glamorous trips to Europe, Africa, and even those across the US have been put on hold due to recent events. This group of people canceling their plans includes honeymooners. Many couples have decided to put their honeymoons on hold or cancel altogether.

Even if you decided to delay and postpone your honeymoon, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a wonderful honeymoon at home. Think of it as a nuptial staycation. There are many different ways that you can enjoy a honeymoon at home and still have a blast. The following tips can help you plan the stay-at-home honeymoon you’ll never forget.

What Is a “Homeymoon”?

A “homeymoon” is exactly what it sounds like: a honeymoon that a couple takes at home. There are a myriad number of reasons that a couple may decide to have a home-based honeymoon, including financial reasons or worldwide pandemics!

Regardless of their reasoning for not going on a regular honeymoon, couples still want to celebrate their marriage. If you do decide to honeymoon at home, go out of your way to make sure that your time at home is as special and as memorable as it would have been had you gone away. Remember: it’s the people (or couple), not the destination, that will make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Three Tips for Planning a Stay-At-Home Honeymoon

Here are three tips that can help you plan a spectacular stay-at-home honeymoon. What you’re trying to do is recreate the vibe of your honeymoon locale in the comfort of your own home.

Bring That Exotic Cuisine Home

Go all out with the dining and cuisine. If you were originally planning on going to a foreign country or even a part of your own country that you’d never been to before, take a culinary tour of that locale right in your own home.

For instance, if you had been planning on going to Italy, pop opens a bottle of Tuscan wine, clear your kitchen counter, and learn to cook some ribollita, some ossobuco, or other great Italian fare. This could be a fun, hilarious experience as you both learn the recipes together and sample the cuisine that you would’ve enjoyed on your trip. Even if it doesn’t come out perfectly, the experience itself presents an amazing opportunity to bond.

If you’re lucky enough to have caterers in your area that can create the cuisine, order from them. There are also companies like Goldbelly that ship catered meals.

Decorate Your Space

Re-create the vibe, look, and feel of the area you were planning on staying in within your own home instead. For instance, if you had been planning on staying at a luxury, beachside villa in Cape Town and spending your days visiting South African vineyards, you could use decor to recreate elements of that trip in your own home.

You could hang lanterns all-around your space, or you can use them to create a romantic “candle-lit” walkway towards the bedroom. You could fill the room with eye-catching foliage similar to what you would have seen at the vineyards. You could make your bed extra-luxe by covering it with the type of high-end bedding that you would have found at your luxury resort. The possibilities are endless.

Create an In-Home Spa

One of the most important aspects of any honeymoon is the pampering. Create an at-home spa experience in your own home, turning your bathroom into a spa. Treat yourselves to expensive creams and oils and order in-home spa treatments. Sit around in luxurious mud facials, sipping cocktails as you devour your Netflix watchlist.

Give each other manicures and pedicures. Some people find that the intimacy that comes along with pampering each other helps draw them together even closer as a couple.

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